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Ok guys im starting this journal to change a few things up with my nutes and see what i can grow as an afterthought to my flower tent.

-1 early miss cks auto
-3 gallon normal pot
- using only bio canna nutes
i am not going to be using cannazyme with this grow, i actually think i may have been stunting my other plants by using cannazyme in with my nutes. somewhere i read not to use pk 13/14 in organic grows because the monopotassium phosphate will fry your micros, well guess what, i was curious and looked at the ingredients on cannazyme and thats what it is, monopotassium phosphate so none of that here
-seed was started in black gold soil in a solo cup, then transplanted into terra canna pro plus (soilless hydroponic)
i know this isnt an organic soil, but im going to see how the plant grows using just the actual organic nutes i have, if this plant grows better than my rhinos then im guessing the cannazyme might have been the culprit

anyways i wont post too much here, just some pictures to show the growth


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I really dont remember what day i popped the seed being as this grow was kind of a project experiment, but im going to assume here and say

Day 16 from seed

topped at 4th node, typically i wait for the fifth but said screw it and did it early to see how the plant responds, so far so good


the lights- 75 watt rapid led single 5000k cob and a single 21 watt agroled fs+uv
(yep me and my uv obsession) might not be a whole lot of uv, but i always am trying to replicate the sun as much as i can
this whole setup is less than ideal, its just a section of my bedroom cordoned off, rh has been <20% lately but today it rained and it was around 30%


just a shot of the painters plastic hanging and how i duct taped the corner lmao


i also did this in a way that noone can see the light from outside if trying to look in the window or from the street


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Day 18 from seed

i topped at 4th node and cleaned the single fan leaf set and the node growth there as well to keep the bottom stem clean.
growth looks great, i gave a small watering and she looks to have liked it. going to change a couple things up with the watering and nutes i have this time and see how the plant responds.
i have already got one of the issues my other plants have had, which looks like a small spot of nute or light burn? i dont know what it is.



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Day 25 from seed


its an autoflower so waiting for it to bud hopefully soon. i have the correct flower nutes for this medium now too.

i fimmed one branch as an experiment, i been too lazy to lst, i want a normal grow just to see how this plant grows normally


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day 45 from seed

this plant seems to be doing great.
i have really been mindful of ph and also following the actual canna schedule for nutes and watering the cocopeat correctly.

as opposed to my other grow journal i did not mainline this plant and am amazed at how much better and quicker this plant has grown under a single 75 watt 5000k cob and also a single t5 fs+uv bulb 21 watt.

part of the reason for me to grow this plant in less than ideal conditions under less than a 100 watts of power is to get an idea of how a plant will grow not under the hlg 260 in the tent.


i was actually able to do a good lollipop as well. dont think i will ever mainline a plant again now that i just grew one out normally. i will move this to the tent to finish after the other plants finished and are hung to dry in the tent.
so whenever that happens this plant will have spent most of its time under a 5000k cob.
im interested to see what the actual bud will look like soon


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plant looking good


only two lighta been used the whole time
5000k 75 watt cob and 21 watt fs+ uv


super lemon haze from seed, not getting much light so far away from the light but thats ok i would rather it grow slow for now until i can move the early miss into the flower tent.


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Day 60 from seed

wow im suprised how good this plant is doing.
its been grown under just a 75 watt cob and 1 t5

lollipopped for real, and topped. no lst
i learned alot from my first grows.this plant looks really good compared to my current tent grow, UNDER LESS THAN 100 watts total power. and a 5k kelvin nonetheless




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Day 74 from seed

moved from the veg area into the tent.
par is at 650 directly under the quantum board and around 425-470 on outer edge of plant


she has frost developing on leaves now. she did quite well under the 5000k cob
im excited to see what she does under the real lights now


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Day 73 from seed

in canna terra pro plus
terra canna nutes in tap water

i never thought the plant wouldve been this big when i was finishing that last journal. wow i am pleasantly suprised for a free seed



these upturned margins were already started when the plant was still in the veg area. hard to tell if its getting worse, i think it is HEAT STRESS? I have not put ac in my window yet so the tent has been around 80-82 F lately.

Or is the plant rootbound?
it is only in a 2 gallon normal pot and drinks a gallon every two days (25% runoff)


any ideas? i dont think it makes a difference at this point. i know my nutes and waterings are on point.
whatever it is, cant wait to see what i can get off if those colas lol



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Looks like heat/light stress to me.

yes it has been hot, i need to setup the AC tomorrow.
i dont think its light stress because it started only under a 75 watt cob.
but im not sure, only have a few weeks until day 90.
pennywise it is at a maximum 650-700ppfd
on a 14/10 light cycle. thats not too much is it? i am not 100% sure


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It looks like it's handling the nutes well. You could get away with 12/12 light schedule and save a little money


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Awesome journal @Hdinkleman what a nice plant! Progress pics right in a row, very cool also. Is that a pretty big plant now for only 2 gal? Maybe you have a combo deal going?


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Awesome journal @Hdinkleman what a nice plant! Progress pics right in a row, very cool also. Is that a pretty big plant now for only 2 gal? Maybe you have a combo deal going?

i think so for two gallon, i did not expect it to get this big at all.
its a sharp contrast to between my last grow where i tried to make a big plant.
i followed all the nute instructions, kept a good watering schedule and just topped it, no lst.
and it spent most of its life under a 75watt cob and a single t5 bulb 3/4 of its life.
so really made me rethink what i should do going forward with things
how is the plant under 95 watts grown as big as a plant i vegged for 3 months under 260 watt qb lol.


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Didnt realize this strain was only a 7 week flowering, its an auto so hard to really tell but im assuming that its 8.5 weeks into flower now.
first time i checked with the loupe was today, almost all trichs are cloudy.
Will start finishing nutes with tomorrow watering and let her go until all the pistils darken. i just barely harvested my last plants so im in no hurry to harvest her and she is extremely healthy and pushing out a last round of pistils. ill let those all die down for once, extremely nice cola spread in the middle of the plant, they look like at least 7 gram dried size or over


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4 main colas on this plant.
I topped her at 4th node and stripped the bottom node and then let her do her thjng.


i didnt know she was only 7 week flowering, i am at day 89 (12 week 5day)from seed.


i want to say all the trichomes are cloudy/milky. i only started checking the trichs a couple days ago when i realized how long the plant was growing and have seen 90/10 cloudy/clear.


i switched her nutes to final ripening as according to CANNA. i will let her go another week or so and wait for some amber trichs. im not in a rush to harvest, still concentrating on drying the last batch and doing a better job drying this plant than the last.


pictures suck but the plant is developing a purple/red leaf outline. looks like genetic coloring, pretty cool actually.
also reading crop kings reviews this plant is known for its tacoing serrated leaves according to the review.
shes healthy, will harvest soon


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Wow!!!! the colas on your plant look incredible :bravo:

Im impressed with what you were able to do with her under your 75 watt cob. Gonna have a nice harvest.


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Wow!!!! the colas on your plant look incredible :bravo:

Im impressed with what you were able to do with her under your 75 watt cob. Gonna have a nice harvest.

she is in the tent under a qb getting light now though so im hoping that powered some of the growth.
Also know i didnt lollipop enough too though. missed a couple lower nodes on the two main colas, but im still a novice.
getting the hang of it.
she was all the way up to week 4-5 in flower under a 75 watt cob, i give her 550ppfd max in the tent now.
the light meter is fricking awesome btw
its so illuminating to be able to see the actual par a spot gets. will help when i start to scrog so i can fill an area with a ppfd amount


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Ya I sometimes struggle with the lollipping I do in deciding what to take and what to leave it's always a learning experience every plant is different.

A light meter would be awsome I've always kinda wondered what kind of ppfd my lights put out. Where did you get it if you don't mind me asking
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