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hey folks,
I have 5 plants growing, they cracked the soil on 04 Jul. They have two small cotyledons and two serrated leaves. Biggest seedling is 2 inches smallest is 1. The serrated leaves are getting bigger. The grow box is 2 x 2 x 2 (will be moved when bigger) They are in transplant trays with pro mix soil (no nutrients), PH is 7, I have 6 x 13 true watt cfl bulbs @ 5000K each for the seedlings (watts too low?) about an inch from the seedlings, fan blowing and temp is simply outdoor temp. When can I expect the second set of leaves to sprout. I think my lights are too week?


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The first stages are always slow as its focusing on the roots more than the leaves.

Youll get your next set soon.

But yes. Change out your 13w for 26w 6500k and youll be ok for a while.

Eventually you will need more light though. Unless youre going for a tiny super stealth setup.


got two more small leaves just starting to show. will post pics when phone is charged. this site is great btw.
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