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early stage lighting


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newbee here, my seeds have cracked open and are in a small pots a 1/4inch down with root -tip facing down. i have read and been told a few different thing on this stage of lighting and need some help. 1) leave them in the in a dark place,and keep them moist for ten days . then it's lights on for 24hr period 6 in. high for about four weeks......2) put the pots under lights about 2-4 inches now ! ??? any help, thank you .....


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Actually, if planting seeds in soil, once you've put them in the dirt, you can easily put them under lighting immediately. The guide here says to let sit in dark for 6 hours, then place under lighting. A lot of other ones I've read that use soil germination just slap the planted seeds under the lights right after. I'd say go for it.


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As soon as the seeds are in the soil-less mix you can start with an 18/6 lighting schedule and keep the soil damp till the seedling emerges, then only water when the soil-less mix is mostly dry. Do not add nutrients until the plant has its third set of true leaves, then start with 1/4 strength nutrients. If you are growing is soil with the nutrients in it already it may be too hot for young plants and you may end up with nutrient burn or other issues.

2 inches above the soil or plant tells me you are using CFL's, if this is correct I would go to 4 or even 6 inches away as new seedlings can grow quite a bit as they emerge from the growing medium and you do not want them to run into the light and kill them selves. If you are not using CFL or other florescent light then 2 inches is way too close and you will need to be at least 18 inches away or more, depending on type of light. There is a link in my signature about plant lighting you may want to look through for knowledge on this issue.

I would never run 24/0 or 20/4 lighting schedule myself, always 18/6 for vegetative growth with photo period plants.


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thanks all !!! :bravo: anyone with other ideas please feel free to reply to my post , thanks !!
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