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Earth Juice or Canna Terra?


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Hello all. Just read a good study on top nutes and it seems that Earth Juice was the champ. I am using Canna's full line and am getting great results but accourding to the study Canna was a close second to EJ. The HUGE difference is the price. The study was on 420 so I have no reason to believe it was subjective.

Any input would help. Not sure if I should stick with Canna or give EJ a shot?:420::420:

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Wait, if you are going to switch. It seems everytime I switched nutes in the middle of something, problems followed, whether it was MJ or in the garden.

There is also a bit of a learning curve to using EJ. They need to be bubbled for the best results (air stones+pump in a bucket), and treated more like concentrated teas than regular nutes.

Great stuff though. I would google 3LB/Earth Juice, or 3 Little Birds/Earth Juice. That particular thread has a ton of info on using EJ.



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I just made a switch from Fox Farm to Earth Juice. Going full organic from now on. The switch happen in the middle of the grow, during the second week of flowering that's when I made the switch. So far so good.
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