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Earth Juice?


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I am in the process, of trying out some earth juice. i got a qt each, of the grow and bloom. Simple shaking, does not mix it. i use a skinny stick. and stir it up real good. Anyway, i thought i would try it. In the past, any time i used so called "organics", i either burned my plants, or, they simply did not thrive as well, as any of the salt based nutes, which are formualted, for maximum plant avialability. More and more, are leaving the "omri" label, as, like most pansy tree hugger types, are just political hacks. So. we will go thru a good run of this earth juice, or, until something negative happens. lol. Anyone else use this product? What do you think? I dont seem to get many relies on other posts. Lets see how this one goes. The product, sounds, by what ive read, to be quality. But, i never use something, for "pc" reasons. I simply use reason. and results. and what pays off. Also. a qwestion. "WITH organics, can a person forgo the flush"? I mean, if there are no salts build up, then? thanks to all, who leave replies. and be blessed, with bountifull harvests. those who do not. spider mites. lol.


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Love it. Used it for my last grow and everything worked out great. Never burnt a leaf. No flush needed but I did go the last 2 watering's with just water. I grow in a greenhouse in soil.

Brewed it for 24 hours before feeding. I can add more if there is interest.

Currently I am just starting a new grow and switching to the sugar peak line from Earth Juice.
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