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Earthjuice, Sugarpeak Deep Water Culture Problem


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I run a dwc with Earthjuice Sugarpeak (Leaf growth, Catalyst, Flowering, Briximus Maximus & Grand Finale), I use one 300w Led in a 1 x 1 x 2 meter tent, two 3000Lph air compressors and a cheap black airpump. I started with 5 seedlings but now i have only two, almost three due to another persons involvement. I noticed fluctuations from the start, with incredibly low ph never rising above four, however the initial aeration phase greatly diminishes the fluctuations. The ph usually needed no adjusting, as it would stay between 5.8-6.3 the optimal range for hydro and a ppm of 600(i have 30ppm tapwater that i aerate the chlorine out of) when i used as instructed. Two of the plants thrived while the others died and are now entering flowering and getting moved into a 60L resevoir with 360ml of leaf growth, 360ml of flowering and 180ml of catalyst. As it stands the resevoir has been aerating for two days without the Ph rising above four and the ppm at 200 odd. This has been bothering me as the plants need to go into the resevoir and i am running low on food so i don't want to throw the solution out.
I would like to ask for help here i am confounded as to what to do, is it a problem with the solution or is the aeration process taking longer due to the size of the resevoir? Also, i know the organic food has a strong odour but after adding the food it now smells like a pond. Is this normal?
Any help much appreciated.
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