ken worth

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Will be growing indoors.
Curious if I should grab a few earthworms per plant and drop them into the soil.
I wouldn't do it myself because if the worms aren't happy they will leave the soil. That would be a mess by the time you noticed, I have my worm hut in my shed and they can produce some nice soil but if the soil gets too wet they drown or try to escape and the same if it's too dry. Good luck
I'll revive this thread by adding my .02 I've placed 2 worms in each one of my 3 gallon pots. I don't let soil completely dry out but I let it get mostly dry before lightly watering again. Very few nutes because the soil is new and very strong to start with. So far the little buggers haven't crawled out. I figure if they can live for a month or so it won't hurt my soil as they'd tend to aerate it a bit. Now what to feed them I have no idea, but I do put a little bit of honey with Cal Mag in my straight water, and my PH is stable at 6.5. If anyone reads this and does this and actually tries to feed the worms what do you use?