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Eating raw cannabis for Fibromyalgia


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Hello friends!

This is my first post. First of all, let me thank you all for such a great community you created here. Living in a country where the doctors can't help with cannabis related questions, communities like this one are our best chance for learning.
My girlfriend have severe Fibromyalgia. After tons of hours of reading about the endocannabinoid system, cannabis in general and specially, after seeing that cannabis is what seems to work best for her, we decided to go that way all in. We are taking small steps into growing our own product so that we don't have to buy it. Soon (when I can harvest) we will try to make some edibles or cannabis infused coconut oil capsules to see if that way she can get a better sleep through the night.
Several days ago, we discovered that eating fresh raw cannabis is actually a thing and that it can be a whole therapy if one could eat around 600mg of THCA every day. The benefits seem to quick in in 4-8 weeks, and for us, it seems like a light at the end of the tunnel. First of all, THCA is not psychoactive. It won't fit into CB1 receptors, so the effects will not be cerebral, but that does not mean it will not interact with the body. THCA, CBDA and all the rest of canabinoids and terpenes will store in fat cells and regulate the body of someone with ECS deficiency. It sounds encouraging and gives us hope. I wish it would be true! For now, I would like to ask you, people with far more experience and knowledge in that matter what is your idea. Is that true? Could eating raw cannabis every day help regulate the ECS?
I'm trying to understand first if its worth a try because its something that for us is not easy to achieve. If we ever try it, I'm planning of planting one plant every week, for 12 weeks straight. After 12 weeks, I would have 12 plants, where the oldest one is about ready to be consumed, and maintaining that would provide us with one fresh plant for about every week. Easier said than done, but if we come to the conclusion that this is worth it, we will try.
I'm sorry for the long text. I'm just a desperate loving one in search of any kind of advice that could ease her pain. Please, if anyone could help us with something, we would be very thankful.
Thank you in advance.


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Thank you for your replies guys! I found those lab tests, that, instead of what I was thinking, are showing that the THCA is present in raw cured bud. I always thought that it degrades a lot into THC and then into CBN with time, light and room temperature. Now, those lab test are showing this is not the case, and only a very small amount will convert into THC. We dont know how long those buds were cured or other information, but that alone is enough to make me think about trying raw cured buds. What do you think?
Another question I have is: Do you think we can grind the herb very fine and put it into some gel capsules for intake, just the way it is, cured, without any fats? Will it get through the stomach acid barrier? I heard (at least for the THC) that in order for the cannabinoids to get to our blood through eating method, they must be covered in fat cells, otherwise they can be deteriorated by the stomach acid.
Thank you


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This is my first post
:ciao: and :welcome: to :420:
You’re in the right place!

Fibromyalgia is no fun. Good on you for deciding to take matters into your own hands.

people with far more experience and knowledge in that matter what is your idea. Is that true?
I’ve read pretty widely on making edibles with content as highly bioavailable as possible and I have never seen raw cannabis recommended. The way I understand it, decarboxylation is our friend for bioavailable usefulness, but like you I will defer to the experts.
For that reason I’d like to give @Nunyabiz a shout (hey man) as someone who eats decarbed cannabis and has deep understanding on many things.

Terpenes can be preserved to an extent through decarb by sealing whole buds (don’t bust ‘em up til later) in a foil pouch, then freezing it for 24 hrs before opening, destalking, etc..

I use this material for infusing into edible carrier oils (olive, coconut) and into capsules with that to answer your later post.

We’re here to help.


P.S. oh! And try to find a metagenics product called fibroplex too. Trust a strange donkey.


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My wife also has Fibromyalgia, has had it at least 25 years.
Spent 20 years taking opioids, tylenol and muscle relaxers everyday.
Never took the pain away, just took it from a 7 to 8 down to maybe a 3 to 4.
Had horrible headaches several times a week.
I started growing cannabis, made the usual RSO at first which works great but is really unnecessary, and a pain in the ass to make if you're just doing the stovetop method, it works just as well to simply decarboxylate bud, powder it up and either add to capsules with a few drops of coconut oil in the capsule or we also made a lot of FireCrackers which is just a cracker of your choice with fresh ground peanut butter on top for your oil and sprinkle a measured dose of ground cannabis on top.
She would take at least two sometimes 3 doses a day plus smoke/vape and within 2-4 weeks was completely weened off of opioids, tylenol and muscle relaxers completely.
She hasn't taken ANY opioids in 4 years, maybe 2-3 tylenol and a couple muscle relaxers total in 4 years.
The cannabis can take the pain away completely down to ZERO which opioids never did.
And she rarely has a headache now.

Now we would also eat raw cannabis in smoothies and such if we had the space to grow a crapload, you would need an outdoor garden with lots of plants that grow for months and months so you can have fresh daily buds to eat.

I have a space for TWO plants indoor and that's it so daily fresh cannabis is out for us, but I think large doses of THCA and CBDA would be a great "addition" to add to your other decarboxylated cannabis in oil, tincture, or just ground up flower and also smoking it.
It's best to completely saturate your body top to bottom with as many cannabinoids as possible in every form.

We've been perfectly happy just consuming the decarbed flower, works great, same as oil.
Having said that, I just bought a Extractcraft Turbo (was on sale for $120 off so couldn't resist) in order to make dabs and mostly to make Tincture Concentrate, which is a Tincture with lower alchohol content so that we can get exact dosages dialed in and can easily carry a tiny dropper bottle with us anywhere and as an alchohol tincture it has two distinct advantages.
One is it starts to get into the bloodstream almost immediately and within 15 minutes or so is fully there instead of 2+ hours.
And an alchohol Tincture in a proper bottle last pretty much forever and we can store 2 pounds worth of bud turned to tincture in a comparatively small container.
Still going to have several ounces of cured bud on hand to smoke and cure, but I think we're going going to turn at least 4 to 5 oz into Tincture Concentrate every grow and start saving it up.

We also want this on hand in case one of us (to include our dog) contracts cancer then we want enough THC/CBD oil in the form of Tincture to run a Rick Simpson cancer protocol right away.


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Raw cannabis flower consumption is the only thing that helps a close relative with a neuromuscular autoimmune condition. They've tried every other ingestion method (decarbed, oil ingestion/application, smoking, etc), but those methods don't provide the same relief. Even their neurologist has observed the benefit to my relative from raw cannabis ingestion (& has remarked that it's a damn shame that there's no federal research into this!)

It's a bit of mystery why consumption of raw cannabis provides benefits that consumption of other cannabis products do not. But it is the case.

Hope you find a method that helps.
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