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Ebb & Flow DIY Project


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Just a friendly heads-up...Be cautious of the brand you buy when it comes to lava rock. Hydroton brand does not float, but a couple of the competitor brands do and its a pain in the butt for F&D.
Excellent share and info to know. I'm getting ready to transplant a couple of plants into larger pots and will most likely be going in that direction.

On another note I'm changing up my pots and going with more of a Hempy pot hole pattern than pots with hole on the bottom. I found the roots to fill the perlite as much because opportunity for more water in down and outside the pot in the flood tray. Plants are not as root stable.

I'll be posting that progress over on my new Lemon Juice Haze journal.


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This morning I made a very hard and that was to cull out a few of my Triple Cheese Clones. I had 7 total. Four from my original Ebb&Flow 9th - Triple Cheese Clone Grow w Ebb&Flow and three from 10th - Triple Cheese Ebb & Flow #2

There are two major reasons for this move to eliminate 4 of the plants completely as follows.

This strain loves to grow really tall. So much so that after stretch they had grow past the level of the lights which had been adjusted to their highest level.

Second and perhaps more important the crowding in the 2x4 tent was excessive and I found that four of the plants were slender and spindly with very little development

Autopsy of those four plants found the root structure was as suspected under developed as the plants just followed the water path down and out of the containers and drew water from the flood tray.

I'm going to consolidate the two journals into one. The other I will move into completed.
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