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Eco Friendly Laundry Detergents

Julie Gardener

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I've been looking for new eco-freindly laundry detergents to experiment with and found this at Fresh & Easy. It's plant based using coconut materials. This particular one comes with a fabric softner mixed in. Works well in my standard washing machine. I have done a few loads and would definitely recommend this product. Price wasn't too bad either at $9.99. I always think you can stretch your uses by using a little under what they recommend unless its a really dirty load. ;)

FYI, I always use cold water to wash my clothes which also saves on energy and cleans my clothes just as well as warm or hot water.

Will post in this thread with other laundry detergents that I try. I encourage anyone else to do the same if they have one that they would recommend as well...

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What a great idea Julie, thanks for posting this sweetie. :bravo:

Here is what I buy from Trader Joe's for about the same price and looks like the ingredients are about the same as well.

Here are the dryer sheets I get from Whole Foods, the ones at Trader Joe's are 420 times more expensive. This is the one rare case where Whole Foods is actually cheaper than Trader Joe's.


Julie Gardener

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Very nice. I will have to try them both, especially the fabric sheets. I use a liquid softener now by Downey, 'Pure Essentials', which is plant inspired that I do love but am thinking it may not be as eco-friendly as I want it to be. Doesn't even give exact ingredients. I do hope that the soy in these products are not GMO's. However, I'm guessing because it's Trader Joe's and Whole Foods that they are not and will definitely try them next. ;)

Maybe one day we'll see hemp in our detergents and fabric softeners. :1:


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Anyone ever use a "soap nut" (actually, it's a dried fruit from the Chinese soapberry tree) laundry product? I've read about them - apparently it takes three or four to do a load of laundry and they can be reused up to four times. They come with a bag to place them in. Natural, hypoallergenic, biodegradable, many of the products are organically grown. Some come with essential oils. I'm told that you can boil water and allow a few to steep overnight to make a household cleaner, hand cleaner, and shampoo.

They've been used in Asia and India for centuries.


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Try using 1/2 the recommended amount of soap.....your clothes will be just as clean. Remember, even though the product is green, they still want you to buy lots of it ;-)


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Eco friendly detergents are good for clothes and they smell amazingly. I will be using these products now. Which ingredient will help in removing stain from clothes?


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We started making our own green detergent: mix equal parts borax and washing powder and 1 shaved Fels Naptha bar.

This is an easy to store dry detergent that works in HE machines and helps with laundry allergies. I developed a nasty rash thanks to the detergent I had been using since a kid (fyi- you can run your washer about three times without any detergent- THAT'S how much residue is left behind). The price is nice and it fights stains. But also- no rash.


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Very nice ! I'll have to try, especially for fabric sheet.Eco friendly detergents are good for clothes and they smell fresh.


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Sounds good, but question is where to find it? I have been looking for some good non-toxic products for my baby and will surely try it. BTW, I also heard about patanjali herbal detergent. Do you have any idea about that?



Oldie thread but a goodie.
We started using Eco-Balls in place of laundry detergent a few years ago now. I/we were very skeptical about the claims being made about them. It changes the waters PH to remove the dirt.
However they have been used in Japan for many years now.
I will still add a tiny portion of detergent when washing heavily soiled items or camping stuff, for the smoke smell.

Then a few months after that we found, alpaca hair balls for the dryer. I never knew my system hated them.
Some time after turning 55 years of age, I was walking through a discount store, when all of a sudden, my senses came across something in the air, my nose started to run, my eyes were burning, and with each step, it seemed like some invisible fog surrounded me suddenly.
As I was stumbling about, I was really was just trying to see, and breath, never realizing I had unconsciously started back tracking, like on autopilot, to get away from whatever.
As my wife came around the corner, she thought I was having a stroke, or fit or something like that.
As I got to the main aisle, I could feel some relief, but still cold not breath deeply as I felt I needed to, and my eyes and nose, were like fountains. People came over, trying to give me tissues and what not. I kept saying no do not call 911, something in the air got my nose.
After I got a few aisles aways, I felt fine.....but very silly, as I glanced up and saw it was the detergent/cleaning stuff asile.

Never in my life was I affected by smell of household cleaners.
It put me on a path to reduce any chemical I can live without. We even switched to a Thai Salt body deodorant, that works FAR FAR superior to that spray stuff or roll on stuff in a can.
Just my $.02
Appreciate this thread! I've shifted into a cleaner and greener lifestyle last year and I've been on the hunt for a good eco-friendly detergent. I've tried Trader Joe's but I didn't really like the smell. Will try the DIY one but I hope more suggestions will be posted!
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