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Ecofibre Sends 6 Tons Of Australian Certified Hemp Seed To USA And Prepares...

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Ecofibre Sends 6 Tons Of Australian Certified Hemp Seed To USA And Prepares For Commercial Activities Via Its USA Subsidiary, United Life Science.

Queensland, Australia and Lexington, Ky., June 9, 2016 - Ecofibre is proud to announce that 6 tons of certified Australian industrial hemp seeds have arrived safely into the United States. These seeds have been distributed to a series of selected farmers for planting in Kentucky and Tennessee enabling the cultivation of 530 acres of commercial production under 2014 Federal Farms Bill, section 7606.

Ecofibre Chairman Phil Warner said: "This is the third year we have sent certified seeds into Kentucky, scaling from 100 acres last year, and we are impressed with our crop performance so far. We have been researching and working on this opportunity for over 15 years and the USA has always been our target. Given the similarity in latitude and climates to Kentucky and Tennessee, our proprietary Australian cultivars are likely to continue to outperform European and Canadian varieties."

The multiple cultivars sent will provide farmers a broad range of diversity for planting. While most farmers will be cultivating Cannabidiol (CBD), there will also be farmers growing for grain and fiber production.

Brian Furnish, an 8th generation farmer from Harrison County, KY and Ecofibre executive will be growing the Australian seed personally and has also coordinated farmers in multiple counties to utilize the varieties. "It's really exciting to see several years of planning, careful trials and research come to fruition. We have big plans for the State of Kentucky and after last year's harvest we are scaling up commercial production which will ultimately benefit this State and its farmers," commented Furnish.

Once the contracted farmers from Kentucky and Tennessee harvest and process the hemp crops, Ecofibre will bring a range of high quality hemp-derived products to the consumer markets via its US subsidiary, United Life Science.

United Life Science Director, John Ryan, adds: "The domestic market for imported hemp-derived products has grown at a steady trajectory since 2003, mainly driven by the ever increasing health conscious consumer. We are thrilled to be able to offer consumers access to high quality, compliant and legal products grown by US farmers."

More importantly, adds Mr. Ryan, "By utilizing our certified seeds from Australia, we are able to provide safe products to our consumers by maintaining full chain of custody from seed to consumer. We look forward to providing the marketplace with high quality hemp products that are domestically produced and legally compliant under section 7606 of the Federal Hemp Pilot Program."

About Ecofibre

Ecofibre is an Australian company that maintains one the world's largest and most diverse seed banks of cannabis sativa germplasm, which includes several certified industrial hemp cultivars.

Ecofibre has strong research partnerships with several leading Australian Universities and currently utilizes its licenses to grow industrial hemp for the purposes of research and production.

Ecofibre also focuses on seed multiplication for export to business partners for the purpose of sales of food, medicinal extract and a wide range of fiber based products.

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