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Ecuador skunk grow


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Im starting a grow from bagseed skunk but have no idea what nutes to use. id appreciate some help.



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is anyone else also growing outdoors in equador? the natural sunligjht cycle her is 12/12 so the plants should flower automatically, i think

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What kind of nutes do you have in Ecuador? Would be a good idea to pop into your friendly grow supply and see what's available to you. I can make some suggestions but, availability and cash have a lot to do w/what you end up with M8!
I will say thought that if you start off w/top notch soil, you will need a lot less nutes to start out with. That will buy you some time to make informed decisions about the rest of veg.
Also, get as big a container or hole for your medium as possible... I used 4/5ths of a yard per bag (400 Gal. Smart Pots)I will go twice that big next time if I use bags, the point is, IMNSHO... the bigger the hole, the bigger the plant will get!
You can see my outdoor grow in my "OldSchoolers Dirt Farm" link. The "How to Grow" link in my sig is packed full of info that I believe will answer many questions for you my Ecuadorian friend.
Looking forward to seeing where this one goes... cheers!
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