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Edible potency


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Hello all,

New to the forums, and I've been searching this for quite some time with no results.

I've been making cannabutter for a couple years with much success, and the cookies I make with it are pretty potent.

My usual recipe is:

1/4oz bud
1 stick of butter
1/2 cup water
a "lil dipper" crock pot for ~24 hours.

stirring and adding more water if the level goes down.

Now this has been working for quite some time, and I eat the edibles daily.

Now that the backstory is complete, here is where my question begins. Starting at the first of the year, I was food tested and found that I can no longer have grains, so cookies are off the table. I have tried using almond flour, flax meal, coconut flour, etc, but for some reason the effects are not as potent. I know these flours have higher fat content than tradition flours or even gluten free flours.

To determine what it could be, I also tried making the butter a different way. I tried the "double boiler" method by putting the herb and butter in a mason jar and submerging that in simmer/boiling water for up to 4 hours. The butter turns the nice shade of green, but when the edibles are made still don't get the effects I used to from traditional flours.

I then scrapped the flours and made black bean brownies with some cannabutter, once again, didn't feel much.

So this weekend, I brought out old reliable, the lil dipper, which has never let me down, so I made the butter old school method. Once the butter was strained and put in the fridge, I took a 1/2 teaspoon of cannabutter (amount equivalent to one of my cookies) and put it in my tea. So far so good, the tea tasted like cannabutter. Starting at about 45 minutes I felt a little something and that was it. No feeling like I was getting with the flour laced cookies.

I've been eating edibles daily for a few years, and the effects have been consistent up until I could no longer have grains.

I would have thought the straight cannabutter would have done something more, but not really. The question I have is, is it possible that my tolerance has magically increased?

When I vape, I still feel the same effects, so my tolerance there hasn't increased.

Some things to note about my diet since the first of the year, I've gone on a mainly paleo diet (no grains and no sugars). Since then I've dropped body fat (I'm not obese, just in the fitness industry, and run OCR).

So hear I am, dropping my info to see what could be going on with the effects of the butter.

has anyone else experienced anything like this?

Any insight, or comments are welcome.

thank you all for the help, and if this is not the correct forum, can you point me in the correct direction?


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