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Edibles with commercial can oil?


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Hi everyone. So I want to make some brownies but I'm too lazy and a really bad cook as to make the can oil myself. So I was wondering if I could bake the brownies with the cannabis oil they sell on stores (I'm in Canada). What strain do you recommend and how much should I add to a batch of brownies? I'm just looking to relax and have a little laugh LOL

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Thanks for your reply. Any info you can provide is highly appreciated. I was diagnosed with depression/anxiety so my interest in cannabis is also of the therapeutical kind. However I'm new to this and would love some recommendations


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I'm just looking to relax and have a little laugh
I would suggest you buy edibles. Then you can experiment with different products and dosing until you dial it all in, then you can branch out to DIY solutions from there. How does that sound?
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