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Eeeewwwww! Fungus gnats

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How big of a deal are these pests?

I see them flying on the surface of the soil, plus on the leaves. I presume they are also leaving larve in the soil to eat my roots.

Can I use a fungicide on them that says it's safe for fruits and vegetables up to the day of harvest?

I am also thinking that fly paper may help with the adults.

Not able to get any professional products. I have to get whatever they sell at the local Wally Worlds or possiblly Home Depot/Ace hardware.

Any homemade remedies from things one may have around the house?


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Mosquito dunks work well to kill larvae. They are sold in home depot and other stores but it might be a seasonal product. You just add a dunk to your water can and water the plants. The adults die off because of there short life spands.
Since this worked for me I have had no need to try any other remodies.

Gummy Bear

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I REALLY need help!

Okay, tried the mosquito dunks. Two whole dunks to a 2.5 gallon watering can and it did knock the population down a bit, but there are fungas gnats EVERYWHERE! Who knew they could reproduce so fast. I need another solution. I have been using the mosquito dunk treated water for about one dull month, but these little buggers are multiplying like...welll...like fungas gnats.

Any ideas?

I need something that is safe for plants in all veg as well as flowering.

I am about 2 seconds from spraying them with raid (yuck), but who wants that stuff in their lungs? Not I.

I really need help here. Any suggestions are appreciated. I only have access to Lowes and Walmart. Perhaps an ace hardware, but nothing more. No hydro shops or gardening centers.

What would you do? Chop em all and start over?


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Has anybody got a handle on the white spot that shows up on leaves? this is the first year I ve seen it. is it new? or have I just missed it

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^ you are way off topic on this matey. However, a pic in grow faq might get you the answer you need. It could be from many sources.


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The EPA classifies pyrethrin-I as a Restricted Use Pesticide (RUP). Restricted Use Pesticides may be purchased and
used only by certified applicators.

Sorry, I must have had the 2 confused. One I think is synthetic and the other is natural.

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Fungus gnats thrive in overfertilized, over-watered grow mediums, especially those where organic fertilizer high in nitrogen has been used. Gnats can be killed by disturbing soil, heating soil, by predatory wasps, and by applying insecticidal soap, neem, rotenone, and garlic oil to gnat infestations.
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