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Effects different strains have?


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Some of you may remember my post a while back about how I was having panic attacks and generally not having good experiences with weed, and when thinking about it I came up with something.

The first panic attack I had was when trying a new strain. It was potent, more so than I was used to, and chalked it up to that or the fact that I have some anxiety problems. Since then I have had more bad experiences but I have also been using the same strain because we get it from a friend of my g/f's, meaning its cheap and readily available yet still potent.

I never had a bad experience before I started using this new stuff. Is it possible that its the strain and not me? Or more so, a mix? Like I do have anxiety problems and that could make it worse, but the strain adding to it? Because I had never had problems before the first time I tried the new stuff and have become quite saddened by the progressive loss of enjoyment of smoking.


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Some high grade, potent, pure sativas have been known to increase the heart rate, paranoia, and anxiety so yes this is most likely the pot, IMO. Try getting your hands on some indica buds (hard, dense and compacted nugs) and see if you have the same effects.

Are the buds really fluffy and airy?
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