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Eggs Does Gorilla Glue 4 Bag Seeds 2018


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Hi gang, this is not the proper start for a journal but I wanted to get these pictures up without piggy backing another grow on the Erd Pret.
The idea was to start a new journal with new lights but time got away from me. I will be trading in my 1500W COB light for 6 304 QB boards, and use the old COB for a separate veg room. My new lights arrive next week, 3 of them are coming with heat sinks and I will be making aluminum plates for the other 3. I will make 2 aluminum racks to each hold 3 lights powered by a HLG-120H-C1400A Meanwell driver.
I have 2 GG4 and 4 Orient Express, instead of buying more seeds I bought lights. I will have a direct comparison growing 4 Orients with my old 1500W cob and the new QB lights being I just finished 4 Orient Express.
I am not sure when or how exactly to call the sex on the GG4, and I am going to try cloning them if they are girls.
The GG4 sprouted in 2 days with roots coming out of the jiffy pods in another 2 days, they seem like a strong plant, they are 40 days above ground and got there first TP drench after these pictures today. The OE sprouted 14 days later after losing a few, I'll never sprout in them pods again, all because I was to cheap to get another bail of Pro Mix. Learning the hard way.



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Mighty fine looking younguns! :bravo: I'm envious!

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1st? Looking good! :high-five:

You can report your post and have the mods fix your misspelled title.
I thought al gg seeds were fems. It started out as a clone only strain. Who's seeds are they? If they came from a plant that threw some naners they will be fems....oh and subbed.
Mighty fine looking younguns! :bravo: I'm envious!
Dang Eggs... very nice plants! I am in, looking forward to watching!
Sign me Egg!!
Looking good man, I'll pop in from time to time if you don't mind.
Eggsactly lol I'm in as well..
Being a bird..
Glad to have you all, waiting on the new lights to arrive, should be soon and with a little fabricating I hope to have them up by the end of the week. I will post then, have a great week.


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Hey gang, I have one of my 304QB racks built and the other only needs to be wired up.


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Sweet! I know where I'm coming when I want new lights. That resembles the NextLight Mega which is an incredible light. I see much better yields coming your way. :goodjob:
Any time Neiko, I would be more than happy to build some lights for you. All you got to do is send the panels and power supply here and I will fabricate them for you. These panels came with a heat sink but the other 3 did not, so I had 3 x 1/8" aluminum plates made up for only $30 the heat sinks are about $25 a piece. I would think the plates are enough they don't seem to run that hot, but maybe Gray can help you engineer it he seems to under stand things much better then I. The angel iron is 1\8" which is plenty of support for 3 panels, and I only got $20 in to each light. Let me know it is the least I can do for you after all the help you have given me.
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