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Eighty8's First Grow - Outdoors - Mystery Seed

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So on mothers day, May 11, 2014 I found a seed, stuck it in the dirt and she popped up. Been keeping an eye on her and watering when it's really hot and hasn't rained for awhile. Usually once a week. Just pure water. No nutes or nothin. Looks pretty healthy to me. Has buds everywhere up high but kinda bare below. Mind you I didn't expect this to grow, so I've just been learning as I go. I didn't give her anything cause frankly, I have no idea what I'm doing. I have been keeping up with photos. I've found out its a sativa. But that's all I know. It's just shy of 6 feet. It's a freaking bush! I'll put pics up when I learn that next. I know I missed some details so please ask away thanks.
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Thought it was a sativa but unsure. Seems to be doin well. I was totally wrong about 4th week of flowering. Its 4weeks and 3 days as of now. 39 days. Any ideas of what it is?