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The El Niño, is one of the elite members of the White family, related to the White Widow and the Great White Shark. It is a very bushy short plant with big thick leaves, very wide leaflets and very short internodes. The plant has a generally fast metabolism, guaranteeing fast growth and a short flowering time of 8-9 weeks. The stems are thick and strong, allowing the buds to get heavy without any problems of falling branches. The genetics are derived from the original White Widow (Brazilian x South Indian) crossed with Haze and Super Skunk. After stabilizing the strain, the popularity of the El Niño has grown steadily, thanks to its high resin production, strong versatility to different growing conditions and great taste and high.
The El Niño is an ideal plant for both indoor and outdoor. Many indoor growers like to grow it in sea of green systems, with up to 25 plants per square meter in 5.5 liters containers or rockwool slabs. Others prefer to allow maximum plant development and use 20 liters containers spreading just 4 or 5 plants per square meter.
Outdoor growers have a great deal of freedom with this plant, which adapts to most environments with little or no stress. The best results have been obtained in turf-rich soil or volcanic soil, in very sunny spots (ideally the southern side of a hill or mountain). Some growers add volcanic lava-stones to their soil, or bat guano, to enrich the mineral content and increase growth and resin production. The El Niño has a flowering time between 8 and 9 weeks and finishes outdoor around 20-30 September, making it suitable for most temperate locations, regardless of the altitude or proximity with the sea.
Indoor, the best results are achieved allowing at least 10 days of 18 hrs before switching to flowering. This gives the plants full development and maximizes the production of flowers and, most important, resin. Some growers let the plants grow on 18 hrs for up to 21 days in 20 liters containers (or bigger), allowing the plants to reach the 130-140 cm. at harvest. This will give full branching and very bushy plants, but the total flower production will be slightly less, because the small flowers inside the plant do not receive enough light to develop. In this case pruning some leaves is a good idea, to let more air and light in the inner plant area.
The El Niño needs good amounts of feedings; the EC level should be at around 1.3 at start and 1.6-1.8 at flowering peak. Organic feeding for plants in soil will make a sweeter smoke. Maximum resin production and bud size is achieved in hydro systems, with a pH of 5.5 at start and 5.8 at finish. In this case the EC can reach 2.2, but regular flushing should be applied to avoid salt buildup in the medium.
The production of the El Niño can reach 600 grams per square meter indoor or 400-600 grams per plant outdoor. Once properly dried and cured, the smoke is amazingly smooth, with a sweet indica taste backed up by a spicy-peppery after taste. The buds are covered in shiny resin, with huge trychomes and big calyxes. The smell as well as the taste is somehow close to the White Widow, with an extra edge on the sweet side and a more intense spiciness in the aftertaste.
The El Niño is strong in the body-stoned effect and it gives a very intense mental high. Get ready for the resin storm!









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greetings franco...i seek similer performance for el nino. 30 days before switching to flower from seed? or clone? how high can ppm go? seem to be on the small side for 25 days from seed {11 to 13 cm} but very healthy. this might be due to ec too high? i have ph5.7 ppm1800. they are in rock well starter cubes/american hydro grow well inserts suspended above american hydro 3x3 flood and drain trays with no medium. i plan to transfer some to net pots with hydrocorn to see which is better. big pots with rockwool seems like big mess. bedanke franco...ty...


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Great looking strain! Is this a plant you have grown before!
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