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Elbrandone's Blue Cookie Scrog: 3rd Grow Journal, 2020


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I'm a bit late on creating my journal for this grow. So it will be a short but sweet ride. I added a new 300W LED light to my 600W MH/HPS setup. I had a lot of issues with this grow. This strain has definitely been my most difficult thus far. I'm starting to suspect the genetics of the seed bank for this strain. Either way, they have turned out to be pretty dank sticky/icky colas.

Let's start with my grow setup. The same as previous grows except I was able to add a 300W LED light.

Grow Setup:
1 60"x48"x80" Vivosun grow tent
2 6" inline duct fans 440 CFM (Intake and Exhaust)
2 6" Carbon filters (Intake and Exhaust)
1 600W MH/HPS Light W/ Reflective air cooled hood
1 300W Canagrow LED Light Bar (Samsung LM301LB LED)
1 Inkbird temperature and humidity controller ITC-608T
1 6" small fan

I'm currently on the fence about changing my grow medium and nutrient lineup. (However, I'm pretty satisfied).

Grow Medium and Nutrients:
FoxFarm Oceans Forest
FoxFarm Dirty Dozen
Tap water pH'd between 5.7 - 6.5
FoxFarm Dirty Dozen nutrient feed schedule at full strength
Fabric Pots - 1 gal, 10 gal

Blue Cookies by Crop King Seeds

Strain Details:
Blue Berry x Girl Scout Cookies
40% Sativa 60% Indica
9 week flowering
400-500g yield
THC - Up to 20.3%
CBD - Up to 0.32%

Germination Technique:
Soak for 24 hours in tap water and dark
Paper Towel Method - Damp paper towels placed on a plate and folded in half, placed in 1 gal zip lock bag but kept open, placed on top of fridge in dark. 1-3 days for 100% germination

Grow Technique:
6 pot Scrog

To be continued this evening


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So the issues began with my initial planting in solo cups. Planted 7 germinated seeds. I believe after a week, 0 had popped. So I got antsy, and order another pack of 5. Crop King is pretty cool and usually gives me 7. Thus the next 7 arrive, 100% germination, and I plant 4 more of them. This time I had sprouting of all 4 within 5 days. In then end I had 7 total sprout out of 11 planted. Not a great ratio, but I could live with it.

Day 1 12/3/19



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12/26/19 - Finally have 7 sprouted. As you can see they all had very different pop days. Some of the seeds I had to perform emergency surgery and remove the membrane connected to the cotyledon and the seed shell to split them apart. I ended up planting my second set of seeds in 1 gal fab pots. Out of the 7 I planted in the solos 3 survived and popped. I ended up transplating 2 of the 3 into 1 gal fab pots.


12/28/19 - My one champion out of the bunch.

12/30/19 Finally seeing decent progress


1/3/20 - Spending my birthday with a few ladies. If you notice, in the solo cup on the right, the last popped seed is growing. No idea how she survived. I though for sure she was dead, but she's a fighter.



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And then more woes...

1/13/2020 - One SAD plant. I thought I had overwatered her, so I let her dry up a little too much.

1/14/20 - Added water and wala... overnight shes back on the mend... You can notice some nutrient deficiencies due to pH lockout.


Back to work she goes



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Final transplant of all plants. 7 ladies ready to rock-n-roll. 6 10 gal fab pots and 1 1gal fab pot.

1/19/20- Battling some pH lockout issues. 4 tops and 1 fim so far. When is the transition from seedling to veg considered complete? By my estimation, they seem to be about 3 weeks behind due to their very slow start.


1/26/20 - Starting to bush out. Getting a little more satisfied with the results.



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I wasnt going to keep my 7th plant that's in a 1 gal. But she's a fighter, I just couldn't bring myself to removing her.

1/29/20 - Her symmetry is great, but she's for sure doomed to be a runt.


She's growing astronomically faster than the others.... o_O



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And then the horrible new hit... My biggest "feminized" plant, was actually a dude with balls....

2/16/20 - Sorry for the blurry picture, but yes, those are big balls...


2/17/20 - Operation kill balls complete. Added my new 300W Canagrow LED bar, and added a second layer of trelis netting.


2/18/20 - Side view



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Overall I'm happy with the canopy for my first SCROG. Starting to see some issues with my top leaves though. Looks like some clawing and light tip burns.

2/25/20 -


2/27/20 - Stretching some


I decided to raise the HPS to maximum height. Around 6'.

3/1/20 - Starting to see some robust hair growth. Raised the light because I thought I was getting some light burn...

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