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Electrical problem


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I have a 400 watt metal halide, and a 400 watt hps, I went to an electrical store today, and purchased two lamps for each of the lights, I took the lights in to make sure the compatibility was correct, now the lamps that I got for the lights have two screws in the top where I have to run wiring, before I electricute my self, I wanted to know becuase there are no markings on the screws if there is a certain wire that needs to be attached to a certain screw? also when i then hook the two wires up to an extension cord, am I supposed to just cut the inlet of the extension cord and splice the wires a ran from the lamp to the two cords inside the extension cord?

Also if there is another way to go about this im open for suggestions, I'm by no means and electrician at all!


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The ballast (unless it is a switchable MH/HPS) is not interchangable between the two types. This is one area where I do not try and save money because of safety.

I recommend you junk all the clusters of wires unless you are an electrician and buy an already complete system. I recommend the Sunleaves Mini Pulsar MH/HPS switchable ballast. It may cost $250 USD plus the lamps, but it is more than worth it for safety's sake.


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No but I can grab one today where can I get one and do I need one 1000 or two 500 since I have 2 lights?

why would you buy (2) 500 watt ballasts when you have (2) 400 watt lights?

I suggest you do 1 of 2 things.

1. Take your lights to a lighting store. Not Home Depot or Lowes. Take them to an electrical supply house and have them hook it up for you.

2. Do what Roorman said


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look up do it yourself MH or HPS on net forums if you get lost trying to follow it get the complete system hang up the light and plug it in... i have electronic automatic switch 400 MH or HPS and i love it { got mine from HTGSupply good service before and AFTER the sale in west Pa.] only problem i've had is changing bulbs when they're still hot glove/ potholder meltrd on to bulb

DUH!!!by the way you can get 400 watt lowes homedepot both type but not usually agriculture kind will do in a pinch
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