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Eliminating fungal gnats


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I used a combination of things, did some really stupid things in the mix, but no more fungus gnats....

I used a foliage spray of dyna-grow neem oil, mixed with distilled water and a drop of Palmolive dish soap. I sprayed leaves and soil top....(Do not do this with the lights on!!! I learned the hard way, see the horror photos in my grow journal)

I also followed it up a day later with Safer brand "End All". Sprayed the soil, leaves and let them dry....

The same day I read about Mosquito dunks and many have had good results. I used 1/4 of a mosquito dunk in my normal watering. The dunks are made of a certain bacteria that attracts the eggs and larva from the mosquito gnats.

I hung some sticky yellow strips in my grow tent and also a few around my house.

Since the treatment about 4-5 days ago. I have not seen one fungus gnat, including newly hatched larva or even ones on the soil!! seemed to have worked.

I read that fungus gnats love moist soil...I tried to turn my moist top soil during the attack process to let it dry out more.... They cant lay eggs in dry soil. I also read that slicing some potatos and sticking the slices on the soil will attract the larva and make it easy for you to kill many at once, as well as track there reproduction. I also read that you can put sand on top of your soil because the gnats cant dig thru it to lay eggs.

Good luck, and if you want more detail about my fungus gnat attacks, check my grow journal listed below.


Member of the Month: July 2012, July 2014 - Nug of the Month: July 2012

Fungus gnats from what I read have a fairly long reproductive cycle. So just doing one treatment is usually not enough if you have a larger infestation. U need to do 2 to 3 treatments from what I have read for medium to bad infections because the cycle of these pests lasts for a week and up to a few weeks I read....
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