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Email subscription notification updates not working


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Email notifications should be working for most people, just sometimes a random notification will not be sent for some reason. After much code/script research, we are hoping the issue could be tied to one of our servers getting overloaded using too many resources, so we are in the process of migrating to a new web server and should hopefully be done by Monday. We'll check on this again after the new server goes live, to see if it hopefully resolved this issue. For the record, it's effecting our work in the back too, so we are all on the same page. Thank you for your understanding and support, we are truly grateful and working as fast as we can to get this resolved for us all. :thanks:


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I'm getting my notifications again as of today, thank you. They are coming into my junk mail though, anybody know how to change this so they come into my inbox? I'm on hotmail if that helps. Thanks all peace


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I'd like to turn off email notifications for subscribed threads. How do I do that?

I finally figured it out! My email has been flooded - making me nuts.

There is confusion here because some problems are site-related, while some (like mine) are from not knowing how to change the settings.

At the top of the list of subscriptions are the headers for the columns, and on the right, Notifications, and a check box right next to it. Well, I mistakenly assumed the check box applied to Notifications - turned them on and off - and it is obvious from this thread that many others have been confused the same way. If that check box was identified, such as "Select Threads you wish to make changes to.", it would help. Part of the point is that there isn't a global setting for notifications - you set it for each thread individually, but just clicking the check box does not change the setting.

Anyway, go to your subscriptions. On the right it says the notification status (instant, daily, weekly, none) and then there is a check box. That box doesn't change anything. All it does is mark subscriptions that you want to make changes to. Check the boxes for all the subscriptions you want this particular change to apply to. Then go to the bottom of the subscription list and click the 'Selected Threads' box. Whatever changes you make will apply to the threads you checked. To turn email notification off, choose 'Thru control panel only' - otherwise, choose instant, daily, weekly, etc.

For those who feel out of touch without notifications - you can still access that info from your control panel/subscriptions page
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