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To Cal NORML Friends & Supporters:
LA Rally for Medical Marijuana Defendants Dr. Mollie Fry & Dale
Schafer - Mon. May 2, 11 AM

>>Join Congressional Candidate (CA-36) Marcy Winograd
>>& Supporters for Clemency for Medical Marijuana Users Mollie Fry &
>>Dale Schafer
>>Monday, May 2nd, 11:00 am
>>To Deliver a Cease & Desist Order to the Drug Enforcement Agency
>>255 East Temple Street, 17th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90012

>Please join me in this important protest. DEA raids and other forms
>of federal intimidation and interference continue to plague patients
>in California, Colorado, Michigan, Montana, Hawaii, Washington,
>Oregon, Rhode Island, and Nevada . Despite the increasing number of
>states that recognize the legitimate therapeutic and palliative
>benefits of medical cannabis, the Obama Administration continues to
>subvert state rights in favor of an inhumane policy that denies the
>scientific consensus on the medical uses of cannabis. With over a
>million Americans now utilizing state medical cannabis programs,
>this continued harassment presents a state of emergency. Raids and
>threats from this administration are a direct attack on democracy in
>states that have implemented sound, safe and responsible laws.
>For decades, we have urged federal policies that recognize
>scientific evidence and patient experience. Federal raids,
>prosecutions, intimidation, and harassment of the medical cannabis
>community are unreasonable and contrary to the will of the American
>people, who overwhelmingly favor safe, legal access to medical
>cannabis. We are sick and tired, but we are organized and have the
>support of 80% of the public.
>Enough is enough and Monday, May 2, 2011 is our time to take stand
>against federal interference!
>>Media Advisory
>>Contact: Marcy Winograd, Congressional Candidate (CA-36)
>><>, 310-776-2396
>>Join Congressional Candidate (CA-36) Marcy Winograd
>>& Supporters for Clemency for Medical Marijuana Users Mollie Fry &
>>Dale Schafer
>>Monday, May 2nd, 11:00 am
>>To Deliver a Cease & Desist Order to the Drug Enforcement Agency
>>255 East Temple Street, 17th Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90012
>>Stop the raids on Medical Marijuana pharmacies & the prosecutions
>>of patients and
>>care givers who use medical marijuana.
>>The delivery of the Cease and Desist Order coincides with the
>>surrender in Sacramento of breast cancer survivor Mollie Fry and
>>husband Dale Schafer, a hemophiliac, who were sentenced to five
>>years in prison on federal drug charges related to medical
>>marijuana use and distribution.
>>Said Winograd, We need to bring compassion and common sense to the
>>use of medical marijuana. The current "War on Drugs" has been a
>>failure, with the lives of compassionate care activists and young
>>people ruined by a federal law that punishes medical marijuana
>>users and providers. Fry and Schafer's defense was that they
>>complied with state law - the California Compassionate Care Act -
>>so we urge the federal government to respect our state law."
>>In 2007 when Marcy Winograd's mother was dying with cancer and
>>seeking relief from medical marijuana, the DEA and Los Angeles
>>Police Department were raiding and closing medical marijuana
>>pharmacies throughout Los Angeles. On the heels of the raids,
>>Winograd wrote and passed a California Democratic Party resolution
>>calling for an end to LAPD complicity with the DEA raids.
>> "Part of my platform is that cannabis must be removed
>>from Schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act because this Act
>>does not recognize marijuana's medicinal value," said Winograd. "In
>>the state of California, where the use of medical marijuana is
>>legal, care providers and patients should not have to live in fear
>>of arrest for using small amounts of marijuana to alleviate pain
>>and discomfort. We ask the Drug Enforcement Agency to cease and
>>desist harassment of medical marijuana pharmacies and users - and
>>we urge President Obama to commute the sentences of Mollie Fry and
>>Dale Schafer."

Cal NORML invites supporters to rally in protest of the
imprisonment of Dr. Mollie Fry and her husband Dale Schafer for five
years on federal charges this May 2nd. The couple were
convicted for growing marijuana for clients of their medical
marijuana clinic in Cool, California, after being denied the
opportunity to present a medical marijuana defense in federal court.
Both defendants are seriously ill and will require special medical
attention while in prison. They will be leaving behind their family
of five children aged 18 -35 and two grandchildren. Under federal
mandatory minimum laws, they were sentenced to five years for growing
over 100 plants, an amount commonly exceeded by many legal patient
collectives and cooperatives throughout California under Prop. 215.
"It's outrageous that the federal government is wasting
taxpayers' dollars to imprison a couple who never harmed anyone for a
longer sentence than most violent criminals," commented California
NORML director Dale Gieringer. "Mollie and Dale had good reason to
think that their activities were legal under Prop 215 and were misled
to believe that their activities were approved by local law
Attorney Lawrence Lichter has filed a clemency petition
asking President Obama to commute the couple's sentence. Mollie Fry
and Dale Schafer were the first medical marijuana defendants to be
arrested by the federal government after the 9-11 attacks, on Sept.
28th, 2001. Over 100 other defendants have since been arrested on
federal charges for providing medical marijuana in California:
Federal Medical Marijuana Cases in California & elsewhere | California NORML

. Although the Department of
Justice has declared a policy of low enforcement priority for medical
marijuana, federal courts and prosecutors have continued to press
outstanding cases.
Meanwhile, the administration has done nothing to revise the
government's obsolescent laws against medical marijuana. A
petition to reschedule marijuana for medical use was filed by a
coalition including California NORML in 2002, but has been
languishing without a response from the DEA for nearly nine years.
Meanwhile, the DEA has blocked efforts to establish a legal medical
marijuana research garden so as to develop the drug for FDA approval.
Nonetheless, dozens of studies have affirmed the medical value of
marijuana since Mollie and Dale were arrested, showing that it can be
a valuable alternative to more dangerous and expensive conventional
"It is a sorry tribute to the bankruptcy of federal policy
that the government is wasting more resources to persecute medical
marijuana providers than on reforming the law as to permit Americans
to legally enjoy the benefits of this medicine," says Gieringer.

Cal NORML Release: Contact (510) 540-1066

Available For Interviews: Dr. Mollie Fry & Dale Schafer 530-333-1607
From now until their surrender date of May 2nd, Dr. Mollie Fry and
Dale Schafer will be available for interviews

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