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I only found out a few minutes ago that you should NEVER prune fan leaves and I'm really worried about this. I've spent so much time and energy growing these babies that I want them to be amazing. :\

I got my cloning gel in the mail, so this weekend I'm going to cut me off some babies. I bought a big cake at the store and the plastic lid will be perfect for a humidity dome.

Do any of you know if there's any sort of badness that occurs when I don't determine the males right away? I'm pretty sure I know what to look for, but if I don't spot the males right away is this really bad? Like how soon do they become a danger to the girls?

I pruned the heck out of my girls' fan leaves on my first and second grow, it just made the new node growth even better.:yummy: MMMMM cake, lol. I'm thinking bout trying out cloning as well, I wish you luck with that process.:headbang: I dont know how soon a male will pollenate a female, but you can tell the difference. The damn balls grow in clusters. Go #5, Go #5:cheer:


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Good work Em, congrats on the flowering milestone! It'll be interesting to see what you've got in the way of sex.

About pruning fan leaves, I've heard the folklore about never pruning the leaves and it's just plain wrong. I didn't do any pruning on my previous 3-plant grow and had quite a jungle going. On my current 2-plant grow I removed all but the top two fan leaves on the main trunk and side branches. That, combined with some aggressive ScrOGing has given me almost twice as many flowering tops. And the buds are bigger and filling in deeper. Some of that is due to extra lighting and suppliments, but pruning those fan leaves made a huge difference. You did the right thing.

In general, my rule about pruning fan leaves is: always leave the top two nodes - below that, remove fan leaves if they're blocking light from lower branchs. If the leaf can be tucked to the side or isn't blocking anything then leave it.


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Oops, just realized I didn't answer your question about the cal/mag suppliment... no it's not the human varienty - it's made just for plants. I use Botanicare Cal/Mag+. Several other manufacturers make similar products. You should be able to buy it from the same place you got your nutes. I add 5ml (1tsp) per gallon to every watering and the plants love it. Just be sure to stop the cal/mag a week or two before harvest - it can impart a nasty flavor if not flushed.

About male flowers, you won't have to remove a male immediately - I think it makes sense to wait a bit to see if you might have a hermie. Female dominant hermies are fine - just pluck off the male flower buds (the balls) as they form.


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Gah! I'm totally going to respond to responses later, but I'm in a hurry as it's the fourth.

Happy Fourth of July!

Okay, so I've got some preliminary reads on the sexes.

I KNOW I have 1 girl. Beautiful baby number three, the one that I was wondering if it was sativa is a little lady. :D :439: Pics are below

Besides her, I'm pretty sure Riker (Number 1) is a boy, and number 5, the runt, is a boy. Besides that I have two that I think are boys but am not nearly sure.

I have one that I'm hoping and praying is another girl, and one more that I have no idea what it could be.


Definite Girls: 1
Possible Girls: 1
Definitie Boys: 1?
Possible Boys: 3

I watered the girls today and I'm hoping to take some clones tomorrow, but for now here are the pics I have:


I'm going to take better pictures tomorrow, with like number associations, so you can specifically see which ones are which, but if you know for definite that they're boys let me know. :\

Anyway thanks!!!! :peace2: ;) :439:


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Wanted to pop in and let you know my males didn't let themselves be known until day 10 of flowering. My hermi took 3 weeks before I knew it was a hermi.

Hope this helps!

Happy 4th


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Well, I'm pretty sure I have 6 males and 1 female.

What the fuck? I mean really?!

I took pics below, but I'm pretty sure all but one, the sativa looking number 3, are male.

I'm going to wait at least one or two more days before I chuck them though. I mean that can't be right can it? 6:1 male to female? :(

Here are the pics:

The girl:

What do you guys think? :roorrip::bong:


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Damn Ballz. Where you at Em? Dissapointed at #5.


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Hey All, sorry I've been away, just went from being unemployed to working 50-60 hours a week. My life is crazy.

I did end up having 6 males and one female, which blows, but the other six were probably a different strain.

Anyway, good news and bad news. Number 3, aka the little lady is huge. She's got a shit ton of bud sites and nicely growing buds. Bad news is I think she has some kind of deficiency or fungus or something.

I did take four clones of her about 2 weeks into flower and 2 out of the three are thriving with the other two limping along.

With the mommy I've had an issues very very briefly in the past where I had three or four fan leaves get spotty/spotty brown and curl up. I thought it was because of the fact that those leaves were right next to the fan, but now I'm thinking not since it's gotten like shit tons worse.

A LOT of Mom's fan leaves have these like pin-head sized rust/brown spots. They're not spider mites, but they're small and circular and they look like dead spots on top. Some of the other sections of the worse-off leaves have curled up and started to die.

I posted a thread here: 420 Magazine ®

Asking for help a few days ago. Nobody has responded. :(

I think I know what the cause is, About two weeks ago was the last nute watering, then I've had like three just water waterings since then. But last weekend I got a pur filter for the house and started giving her ultra filtered water. Then like two days ago I gave her nute water and the spots showed up everywhere and she's gotten worse. I think it may be the ultra purified water that did it, but I'm still not 100% sure that's what's wrong with her. I went ahead and flushed her with just plain old tap water. Hopefully she will perk up today (I did this all last night). If not, I'm not sure what else to do.

Here are some pics:

That's it for now. :} :smokin2: ;)


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hey em wow your grow has come on loads since i came here last very impressed even if you turned out with one female shes quite the lady!!as for your little isuue got something for you...Key on Nutrient Disorders

To use the Problem-Solver, simply start at #1 below. When you think you've found the problem, read the Nutrients section to learn more about it. Diagnose carefully before making major changes.
1) a) If the problem affects only the bottom or middle of the plant go to #2.
b) If it affects only the top of the plant or the growing tips, skip to #10. If the problem seems to affect the entire plant equally, skip to #6.
2) a) Leaves are a uniform yellow or light green; leaves die & drop; growth is slow. Leaf margins are not curled-up noticeably. >> Nitrogen (N) deficiency.
b) If not, go to #3.
3) a) Margins of the leaves are turned up, and the tips may be twisted. Leaves are yellowing (and may turn brown), but the veins remain somewhat green. >> Magnesium (Mg) deficiency.
b) If not, go to #4.
4) a) Leaves are browning or yellowing. Yellow, brown, or necrotic (dead) patches, especially around the edges of the leaf, which may be curled. Plant may be too tall. >> Potassium (K) deficiency.
b) If not, keep reading…
5) a) Leaves are dark green or red/purple. Stems and petioles may have purple & red on them. Leaves may turn yellow or curl under. Leaf may drop easily. Growth may be slow and
leaves may be small. >> Phosphorous (P) deficiency.
b) If not, go to #6.
6) a) Tips of leaves are yellow, brown, or dead. Plant otherwise looks healthy & green. Stems may be soft >> Over-fertilization (especially N), over-watering, damaged roots, or
insufficient soil aeration (use more sand or perlite. Occasionally due to not enough N, P, or K.
b) If not, go to #7.
7) a) Leaves are curled under like a ram's horn, and are dark green, gray,
brown, or gold. >> Over-fertilization (too much N).
b) If not, go to #8…
8) a) The plant is wilted, even though the soil is moist. >>Over-fertilization, soggy soil, damaged roots, disease; copper deficiency (very unlikely).
b) If not, go to #9.
9) a) Plants won't flower, even though they get 12 hours of darkness for over 2 weeks. >> The night period is not completely dark. Too much nitrogen. Too much pruning or cloning.
b) If not, go to #10...
10) a) Leaves are yellow or white, but the veins are mostly green. >> Iron (Fe) deficiency.
b) If not, #11.
11) a) Leaves are light green or yellow beginning at the base, while the leaf
margins remain green. Necrotic spots may be between veins. Leaves are not twisted. >> Manganese (Mn) deficiency.
b) If not, #12.
12) a) Leaves are twisted. Otherwise, pretty much like #11. >> Zinc (Zn)
b) If not, #13.
13) a) Leaves twist, then turn brown or die. >> The lights are too close to the plant. Rarely, a Calcium (Ca) or Boron (B) deficiency.
b) If not… You may just have a weak plant.


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Okay, so it's been FOREVER since I last posted. Good news, I've harvested! I harvested all of my big mama plant and all the buds are hanging to dry. I harvested one branch on 8/12, let it dry for 2 days, then I've been storing my buds in canning jars in the fridge, making sure to take them out and air them out for at least 15 minutes each day. So I also harvested 1 branch on 8/15, and 8/16. I did smoke some of the 8/12 branch and it was still a bit green, but it was awesome!!! I've been smoking K2 since my connection dried up and this is soooo much better. It was a body high, I felt like I was vibrating off the couch, and that was on one bowl!

I have yet to try any of the other branches, but I'm semi-worried that I waited too long to harvest the full plant. I did harvest three branches, but then I waited till 8/22 to harvest the rest of the plant. That's 10 days after the first bunch, think it'll be okay? ;P

I hope so. In more good news the cloned baby is doing FANTASTIC. She's so huge! She's growing like a ... well, like weed!

Here are the pics, I may post more of my total weight when I know the numbers. I'm hoping that I cleared an ounce at least. ;)

A branch that I harvested.

Thanks!! :tokin: :cool027: ;) :439:


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Been a good thread. I'm glad you had some plants to smoke. Are you gonna make a new one for the cloned girlie?


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