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Emergency - Help please - Nitrogen toxicity a month into flower!


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hi,im a first time grower and need HELP.I got Dr Earths Flower Girl for my nutrients (4-10-7). When i first started the grow. Its the kind of nuts that you mix with the top soil and it releases when watering. It worked great during the veg stage. Well hear is where i fuked up, i gave them a regular dose a month into flower cuz some one had told me i could use the nutrients i had for both cycle. With a little research i found that to much nitrogen is really bad in the flower stage and it looks like my plants have nitrogen toxicity. The leaves all turned a dark, they start to curl down looking like a claw. Some get brown tips or they just shrivel up and die. It seems have started at the bottom and is working its way up to the top. I looked into how to reverse the problem and every ones ansew is for people who feed there plant with nutrients they mix in the water. Which my case it already mixed in the soil. They say to just stop feed them nutrients and flush. I dont think this would work in my case just make worst, right? PLz help i have no idea What to do???


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Hi Dylpicks21

I'd say first flush to try and leech out as much as possible of the Nitrogen left in the soil. That is if you don't use pre-fertilized soil. If you do, flushing only releases more fertilizers, making things worse. But since you're in flower, it's a safe bet that, even if you used pre-fertilized soil for your grow, all or most of the nutes have already been released.

Then stop feeding them Nitrogen and start them on high-carbs diet. The little critters that feed on carbon use Nitrogen in the process of breaking down carbohydrates and sugars.



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I think we need some pictures.

For my outdoor girls, I use Happy Frog Fruit and Flower which has even more N than the brand your using. I use it all the way to harvest. It does have a little more N than I would like. My leaves stay pretty green, with a few clawing, but I just cut back on the feed when I see this.

If it is toxic, that sucks. I would try to scrape as much off the surface of the soil first, then follow Croatsan's advice. Flush the pot. At least double the container size is the amount of water to flush through it. If a 5 gallon pot then flush with 10 gallons water. Make sure the pot drains as much as possible. Tilt the pot in every direction to get as much water out of it as you can.

Next time, cut back on the amount of fertilizer.

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