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My first Grow System is Emily's Garden , by Hydro Farm Horticultural Products, I put it together as they tell and decided to make sure everything was working properly, well turns out the pump that came with it, sucks, and I should of bought more black tubing and two more good pumps, but I was on a short trip back home and didn't have much time. I did buy a spare pump which is a submersible pump, will use both until I can buy some new pumps here in lagos, Nigeria.

I have a small grow space, so I'm thinking I can do good with Emily's garden.

Would other growers with experience with this type of grow system please post for me about the unit and how they did.

You follow my grow from start to finish and see photes check my profile for link to my site SunSets In Lagos.


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How big do you plan on letting the plants get?
seeds or clones?
what kind of light (sun/bulb/wattage) are you using?
that's a very small system (2 gal.) it's going to be high maintenance near the end of flowering, and with a small reservoir like that you may run into big pH swings.
Keep an eye on your girls and post any questions you have here.


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Heks thank you so much for the reply, yes I've been learning some lessons with this unit. OK Im using the hydro farm 400watt multi tap ballast lisght system. Right now I have them on a 400watt MH light on a 24/7 light during the veg stage. My hope is to keep them like this until they get about two feet tall, then go to a 12/12 and try to bud them out. I have a blog and you can read from start through today, please take a look and all advice and tips are welcome. The plants are from seeds, sopposed to be certified FEM seeds I picked up in Amsterdam. Thanks again for the reply, this is my first grow so I need alll the help I can get.
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Sounds great, just keep in mind if you veg your seeds to 2 feet tall, when you flower they can be drinking a gallon of water per day, each plant. you might want to veg long enough to get a clone or two and flower right away to keep them small.


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It won't let me post the link but put this together
sunsetsinlagos DOT blogspot DOT com

Lagos my brother,

I would suggest you go read the Terms of Service, and understand why your links keep getting removed. Or talk to one of the admins. Usually if they change or delete posts, they send you a message telling you they did so. Check that and talk with them. I'm sure they can clear it up.

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