Emmie's Organic 10 Week Durban Poison, 2020

I have been waiting for a long time to grow this one out. I have been waiting for good enough lights to do it justice, and thanks to 420 Magazine, I have one very good bloom room light, and am hoping to be lucky enough to have more lights soon. I think my skills are finally up to this task, and most importantly, I now have the space to dedicate to this project.

Durban Poison is a landrace strain, and it should be worth any extra effort she may require. The seeds are feminized and I planted 4 of them with 2 of the early risers up so far. She will be grown organically using @GeoFlora Nutrients in a layered mix of supersoil, Fox Farm Ocean Forest and Fox Farm Happy Frog.

Being a sativa dominant, she is going to try to be tall, and stretch will without a doubt, be a pain. I plan on moving her right to bloom as soon as I can get some clones off of them, and then we will mass produce a run of them in the next Bloom room that have grown out a bit more... that should be exciting, and it may be the last time I try that in a 6'6" room.

Here are the stats:


The seeds are a westernized and feminized version of the original 14 week strain but its genetics are all Durban. I am drooling just thinking about smoking some of this in a few months.

More from CropKing:
More About Durban Poison Feminized
Descended from Original Durban, which is named after its origins in Durban, South Africa, Durban Poison comes with the same highly psychedelic effects that its parent is known for. That is not surprising at all, given the high THC content of this cannabis strain, which can go up to more than 20%.

It can be grown outdoors and indoors, and its buds are always fat and heavy and coated in thick layers of sparkling trichomes. You do not even have to smoke Durban Poison to get excited. The sight of its large glands generously overflowing with resin is enough to make you drool. If grown outdoors, Durban Poison can yield up to 350g. Indoors, that number shoots up to 550g.

Aside from psychedelic effects, a euphoric high can be expected as a result of smoking this strain. Your energy and creativity are given a boost. This is an ideal smoke for days when you have to be productive or need to think up concepts for important projects at work or at home. There is no burnout effect after.

Durban Poison is perfect if you are into the euphoric effects or feelings induced by strains that are dominantly sativa, as Durban Poison is 60% sativa. Nothing is better than sitting in the shade and feeling your mood slowly being lifted up by a Durban Poison joint.
I gotta say, I'm glad to see how your approaching your threads lately.
Its refreshing to see and know if your looking for info related to a specific strain, you actually find it, without needing to sift through many many pages of non specific related into ;)

Also Thank you for helping to preserve landrace genitics, Keep up the awesome work Em.
Veg, Day 13

They are getting bigger... but still I have restricted them to these solo cups. We were still a good day and a half until they got to be light as a feather, and still they were standing up like this to the light. After a good soaking, we will see what happens, but transplant is probably going to happen soon.

Veg, Day 15

Today the Durbans got an upgrade... they have been uppotted into 1 gallon GeoPot Velcro bags, now being used for the 2nd time, and they are holding up beautifully.

The girls got 1/2 gallon of FoxFarm Ocean Forest in the bottom of the bag before putting in the rootball and then packing it in there with FoxFarm Happy Frog in the top of the container. They were then given a couple of tablespoons of GeoFlora Veg, watered to runoff so as to merge the soil regions together, and they were moved into the big veg room to join the others.

I expect the Durbans to try to get tall, so they will be sent to bloom as rapidly as possible as they reach maturity, probably right around the 5 week point.

Veg, Day 19

The Poison family seems to be thriving in their new fancy velcro containers. It is very easy to see the growth that the 4 days since transplanting has given us.

I have lowered the lights a bit to strengthen the pattern and turned up the power to 125w per side, and we now have around 15k Lux hitting the plants. I want to steadily increase that as much as they will tolerate, so as to help restrict vertical growth. Sativas already tend to be lanky and I want to discourage that tendency as much as possible.

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