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Emmie's Organic 10 Week Durban Poison, 2020


Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
Bloom, Day 12

The Durbans are really taking to this flowering stage and are really strongly flowering now. They have also gotten a lot taller, and I suspect they will just about double their veg height. One of the girls is under the new Mars SP-3000 light as a test and the other three remain on their milk crates under the NextLight MEGA. So far no deficiencies have been noted and already strong trichome development is evident.



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Works with HP Mycorrhizae Promix ?
Took a look at the site, looks promising.
Interested mostly because your seem excited about it.
Lol. I agree. If Emily is excited about something, pay attention. :D


Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
Just out of curiosity, why no super cropping or other means to control the height, won't the mid to bottom buds end up as popcorn buds?
Mainly because with everything else going on, including building the room and the ability to get water up there from scratch, I just didn't have time to train any of the first plants to move through here. Secondly, I wanted to see what the penetration is on these lights, initially the NextLight MEGA and now my MarsHydro SP-3000.

And, with these high penetration lights, I doubt I have any buds, even those down low, that are not perfectly smokeable, and even though some of them might be small, all that weight adds up. I really don't mind popcorn buds, and sometimes they are the best ones to smoke after curing.

But you are right... and look at my veg room journal to see how strictly I am training the next generation that will be coming in behind these now that I have time to do so. Those clones will produce a lot of high quality bud with very little waste at the bottom.


Member of the Month: Mar 2019 - Grow Journal of the Month: Jan 2020
Bloom, Day 30
She is really packing on the buds. I can't wait to see how massive and juicy these incredibly strong buds are going to be. Look at that color! Now that we figured out the magnesium thing, the plants are loving life, loving the NextLight and the Mars light and thriving on the @GeoFlora Nutrients! I am a very happy gardener looking at what is happening in my bloom room!

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