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Emotional reactions and Cannabis


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I have no experience with Psychiatry but do with a Psychologist. I also have experience with the use of Cannabis. I am always sad to read about people trusting their Psychiatrists enough to accept synthetic drug prescriptions as a quick fix to covering their mental difficulties instead of overcoming them. I understand there are extreme mental difficulties that some prescription medications can assist along with the correct therapy, but believe there are many misdiagnosis simply to make doctors and drug companies benefit financially.

I have learned that many of our emotional difficulties stem from belief systems we develop from childhood and carry into adulthood. Some are rational and some are irrational. Where they are irrational, they need to be investigated. Subconscious reactions are hard to correct on a conscious level because it takes practice. I'll give you an example.

I was brought up in such a way that I believed sadness was weakness. Many boys that became men may be familiar with this. I reached a point in my adult life to where I could not cry. I would become angry instead of sad since anger was a demonstration of power. It became habitual without thought. The sadness would come and anger would quickly replace the emotion. I'm not talking about violent demonstrations of anger, but a lingering anger that stalled me, and made it very difficult for me to comfort someone else in sadness. Even if I didn't show it, I became frustrated and angry that they were sad, because after all, they were exhibiting what I subconsciously regarded as weakness.

Now, it never was that I never felt the sadness. I felt it deeply when a loved one died, seeing innocence victimized, or putting my furry best friend to sleep. But I could not release it emotionally except in solitude. I'm still working on this emotional suppression that has been so habitual for many years.

Cannabis, like other drugs, inhibits the ability to practice the conscious-subconscious relationship within the mind when used regularly. It can assist introspection and meditation based upon the strain. The introspective aspect is greatly beneficial provided you can document it in writing. This is because of the memory obstacle we often experience after using Cannabis. Lower doses seem to lessen this obstacle. There are many benefits to Cannabis aside from this, however the overindulgence seems to create problems when conveniently used to cover mental obstacles.

These are just my opinions based upon what I've experienced. Many people I've witnessed who smoke on a daily basis seem to be very impatient when not feeling the effect of Cannabis. I think it is because they are not using it for beneficial reasons, but to cover mental or emotional obstacles.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. I'd be interested in what others think.
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