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Energy saving Dwarf "FAST BLAST"


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I just got these beans in the mail today...I had a scare for a minute there too...when I opened the letter the pack of beans must of fell out in my lap because it looked like there were no beans in their but the breeder info was intact so I started to panic but when I stood up the bean pack fell on the floor...sheww...be still my heart!!! these are some interesting beans...have a read about them...enjoy!

AFROPIPS;FAST BLAST Iranian Indica X Blueberry. Fast Blast is a good variety for the first time grower or for very small height restricted grow spaces. It is easy to grow & is extremely fast flowering. If grown straight into 12/12 it will be ready for harvest between 40 - 50 days & reach a height between 1-1,5 ft tall. A Moderate yield of Powerfull THC rich Buds will be ready for the grower as fast as possible with min energy requirements. It is very Eco friendly to cultivate indoors with an improved Yield , Power & Taste compared to popular auto flowering Low varieties. Outdoors the plants can reach a couple of metres tall if allowed a full season of vegatative growth. Can be Harvested from September in the Northern Hemisphere & if allowed to Mature to October/November the buds & leaves exibit wonderfull mauve hues. 10 SEEDS
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