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England - Marijuana farm in Watson's mansion


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Newcastle - Police said Thursday they had found a "substantial" marijuana farm in a mansion owned by Everton midfielder Steve Watson and arrested two people after a raid on the property.

Investigators stressed, however, that Watson was not involved in the case. The Premiership player rents out the two-million-pound ($4.7 million Cdn) mansion in the up-market Darras Hall area of Newcastle.

Police raided the property and found what a spokesman called a "substantial cannabis farm."

"A man and a woman have been arrested and are helping police with their inquiries," a Northumbria Police spokesman said. "We can confirm that the house in Darras Hall is owned by Steve Watson. However, we do not intend to speak to him about this matter."

Watson played more than 200 games for Newcastle before moving to Aston Villa in 1998. He then transferred to Everton in 2000.

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