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England - Soham Police 'Smell Out' £6m Cannabis Farm

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About 7,000 cannabis plants worth an estimated £6m have been found in Cambridgeshire after police "noticed the smell". The plants were discovered at about 23:00 BST at an industrial unit in Regal Drive, Soham, by officers on patrol in the area. A police spokesman said there were "thousands of plants" and described the farm as "huge". One person has been arrested on suspicion of producing cannabis. Sgt Dan Bramley, from Cambridgeshire Police, said: "This was good proactive work by the officers who tracked down the cannabis factory after noticing the smell."


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Source: Bbc.com
Author: BBC
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Website: BBC News - Soham police 'smell out' £6m cannabis farm
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O.K. this is FUNNY!!! If it was one person doing the whole grow, he had a 'up' lab in the back. And when flowering it will not smell? lol It is like 'yo' we be growing here. Hahahaha

I am having flashbacks of watching 'Hot Fuzz', snarf snarf. I will be chuckling to myself all day over this. I hope they can find a resourceful use, but, that being said I would like to be around the bon fire :)

Thanks General. I appreciate all your hard work to provide us with MJ news Brother!
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