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Hi Mom here, I have a son who's been diagnosed with childhood epilepsy syndrome, this means their epilepsy has specific characteristics. These can include the type of seizure or seizures they have, the age when the seizures started and the specific results of an electroencephalogram (EEG).An EEG test is painless, and it records the electrical activity of the brain. In my son's case, he has "benign" which means they usually have a good outcome and usually go away once the child reaches a certain age. And as a mom, I don't want my son to suffer this kind of illness for a very long time. He's 5 yrs old now and he is doing great in school. That's why I am searching the best solution for my son and as along the way, I saw this Cheese Strains that cannabis can be the solution to my problem. But I did not try it yet. So am just asking if it safe for my son? Any reply will highly appreciate. Thanks in advance.
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My brother has epilepsy, and keeps it under control with a non-cannabinoid prescription. My granddaughter also has epilepsy, keeping it under control with her non-cannabinoid prescription. I am not a doctor. I'd strongly recommend that you consult one instead of implementing a DIY treatment your son's condition.

That said, Charlotte's Web is an almost pure CBD product that has been used successfully in treating children with epilepsy. The cheese strains tend to have a significant THC content. These strains could have the unwanted side effect of getting your son high, and impacting his mental development. I'd look at strains like Candida, Master Hemp, Nightingale, and V.C.D.C. as they all have phenotypes (substrains) that are high in CBD, but low in THC. You can get seeds for these strains from our sponsor Seedsman. I have successfully grown Nightingale and V.C.D.C. It appears as V.C.D.C. has been discontinued. I have ordered from Seedsman. Their packaging was discrete, and the product arrived fairly quickly.

Epilepsy is a challenge for the patient, their family, friends, and school. I wish you and your son success in controlling his epilepsy.
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