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Equanimity's 4th Grow - Going Perpetual - Lots of Strains


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Equanimity's 4th Grow
Going Perpetual

I fucking love growing weed now.
I've actually turned down sex to go tend to my plants.
I know, right?
Also, this is my 1500th post... Is that a thing?
The Strains

Lemon Kush
Money Maker
Cookies Kush
Critical Sensi Star
Strawberry Blue
White Widow x Big Bud
Afghani Regular
Royal Queen Critical
Incredible Bulk
Grand Heft Auto

The Vegetation Area

Type: Cabinet
Dimensions: 2ft x 1.5ft x 4ft
Lighting: Generic 90w LED UFO
Airflow: 120MM PC Case Fan

A 6ft pine wardrobe with
duct tape along the cracks.

The Flower Area

Type: Room
Dimensions: 7ft x 5ft x 14ft
Lighting: Mars II 1200w & 600w HPS
Airflow: Black Orchid Extractor & Desk Fans

A raised, waterproof platform
in the spare room.

The Horti

100% Coco Coir
Plastic pots
Canna Coco A & B
Canna PK13/14
Possibly Molly
Diatomaceous Earth
Neem Oil
Temp: 18c-24c
Humidity: 45% R/H

So here we are again. We're growing weed.

I got tired of the cabinet after the 6th or 7th time I banged my head on that fucking screw that I had the light cord wrapped around and so I have done a bit of work on my shit and I think it's worked out.

First off, I've got the window covered with a piece of sturdy and, more importantly, opaque upholstery foam;
Designed for couch cushions, I had a dude on Amazon cut one of these bad boys to size and send it to me, it were dear too.

Since it was made to measure, it fit into the window frame nicely and has been sealed into place.

I cut a circular hole in it and attached a duct nozzle and that's what I duct taped the vent hose to.

The Outside World will see a wicker blind and the window is 100% blacked out on both sides but there's enough give in the blind for air to pass through.

I took this idea directly from the green haired chick's website. I'd so totally give her the business, wait, what was i saying? Oh yeah..

The carbon filter is placed on the ground; the extractor, HPS cool tube and the out vent are stacked like a totem pole and so the HPS will serve as side lighting (I plan to add more side lights in the future.) The totem has a backbone made of metal wardrobe rails which is why it hasn't flopped over like a wet bog roll.

Obviously I originally intended to suspend everything from the ceiling but the final weight was unacceptable.

Here's what that shit looks like:

The floor is made of four salvaged wooden sections from the Cabinet; It has been sealed, covered in a waterproof tarp and drilled down into the floorboards. It is 7 feet x 5 feet wide (I'm rounding down a little).

The LED is dangling from a punch bag hook that I fought against vertigo (while i was a little too stoned) to drill into the ceiling beam. I used "Steel Rope" to hang the light from the ceiling and then to a hook on the wall and then down to some metal coat hooks at waist height. At this point i should advise you that the "Steel Rope" is a fucking pig to hoist and wants to cut through your hands, but it's strong as fuck.

The supplied suspension device for the LED has been replaced with a chain intended for punch bags.
I opted for these fixings as they had a rated weight tolerance of 100kg; If only the ceiling beam itself was so strong.

The rest of the room is pretty standard grow room fayre; I've invested in an "Electrical Contactor" for safety and not blowing timers reasons. The power is delivered from above, again for safety reasons.

The Vegetation Area is lit with the LED i've been in possession of for a while now; I used to have a 300W CFL in there and have now decided, once and for all, that CFLs are shit. In fact to clarify my position, i'll say: Household CFLS of 35 RealWatts or above are aces for growing weed. The large barrel type CFLs (125w, 200, 250w. 300w) are shit.

So let's move onto the meat and potatoes now...

The plan is thus:
I will start 5 girls to flower and plant some more seeds.
When these seeds hit, say, 5 nodes, i'll bang em out to flower.
I'll repeat this process as many times as i can, iron out any collisions (culling if necessary) and get dialled into a nice perpetual stream.

We'll start with the White Widow x Big Bud, Standard White Widow and Afghani Regular.
After way too long in tiny pots in the veg cupboard, I've sent my first three girls into flower:

They got kinda root bound and scraggy looking in their tiny tiny pots for a lot longer than i'd have liked but it took a while to get all my equipment. They'll survive; If not, fuck it, Darwin. There's always more soldiers waiting to go to war.

The vegetating girls are all fresh seed drops tonight aside from the Lemon Kush.

The Lemon Kush will sprout first and i'll give them two nodes and bang them into flower as they belong in that group (i sacrifice final size and weight for synchronicity)

The actual plant in there (Number 7) is part of a mainlining/fluxing side project i'm working on. She is a little unhealthy; malnourished and probable shit pH so i'm gonna look to that.

I plan to add some more side lighting to the area at some point along the line but I think i'll be fine for now.

Eventually most of the greened off area will be covered in plants, plants of all races and creeds, growing together in groups of five on staggered harvests so that I should have a couple of ounces coming off every [to be determined] weeks.

Then when the fourth group of five comes out, the sex can start.

I must at this point credit my Weed Bitch (who actually likes being called my Weed Bitch) for helping me put all this together. She made the coffee, lit the cigarettes, found things, passed me things, held things and sucked things without making a fuss. Most salubrious. Might name a plant after her.

Yeah, I don't really name plants any more.

I should also acknowledge those that ordered their LED lights before me and still haven't got them yet, and yet I have mine now. I must admit it makes me feel bad.

I also feel bad for the dudes who offer sexual favours on craigslist in exchange for weed.
I just wanna give em some hot soup and a thick blanket and tell em everythin'll be alright.

But i can't.

I'm kinda afraid of seedy people :/

Thanks for looking



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You're back! And a new grow room looms into view. Beyond the dazzling fireworks, and clouds of smoke...and fairy dust.
Glad you didn't bring that ceiling down man I was a bit worried about that weight factor.
What's an 'electrical contacter'? Maybe I need one


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Kind of reminds me of Teldren's remark from the Spouses and your Grow thread, I've been laughing about that for weeks...

Mine was fine......just bitches about how much time I spend in the room. If only my plants had a vagina I could get rid of her.........


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great presentation :thumb:
good seats too :popcorn:

i love your grow space, looks like you can grow a jungle in there

best of luck with your garden

David Bowman

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Hope all is well in your world.

Is this grow still alive?

We would love to be updated with some pictures and info.

How about posting a 420 Strain Review?

If you need any help with posting photos, please read our Photo Gallery Tutorial.

I am moving this to Abandoned Journals until we get updates.

Sending you lots of love and positive energy.

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