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ETL Certified Lumini LED Grow Lights

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Good news! Lumini LED grow lights have passed ETL test, now 4 models are ETL listed, ETL label is a proof of our lights compliance to North American safty standards!

1. 400w LuminiGrow 450R2 with evenly-distributed illumination, wifi controllable

2. 550w LuminiGrow 600R2 with high-intensity 5w LEDs
LuminiGrow 600R1 | Best led grow lights | LuminiGrow

3. 400W Dank 1000 with high PAR performance
LuminiGrow_DANK 1000 | Grow light | LuminiGrow

4. 200w LuminiGrow 200R2 for one square meter grow tent. 5w LED
LuminiGrow 200R1 | LED grow light | LuminiGrow


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What the prices for LuminiGrow 200R1 and 200R2??
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