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I am a 541 grower/smoker. I have been OMMP in the past for a few patients and did ok. I learned allot about agricultural sciences very quickly over about 3 years. I now know so much about MM growing that I am a guru for others that are still learning the process, and still need advice and resources. I have some girls BLUEDREAM that I just got (3) seedlings rolling in 7 gallon pots. They are rooting fast as I added Mycos and seabird guano to the roots organics 707 soil. i got it for $16.00 for 20 gallons...luv dat deal. they are growing fast and should be potent and heavy buds. This is outdoor 2014 with no green house. I will be starting a thread "541 grow journal" :welcome::Namaste::peace::420:


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