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European Citizen's Initiative for Cannabis Legalization - Sign & Spread the Word


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Now there is an active initiative within EU which we together can influence and ensure that the issue of a regulated market for cannabis is discussed at a higher level! It takes a million signatures from at least seven member countries and a varying amount of signatures from country to country to achieve the goal. Deadline 20/11/2014

It's easy and only takes a minute or two. The information needed might vary depending on your country.
Sign and spread the word to your friends within the nation and abroad, together we can make changes!


Weed like to talk


A European solution to a European issue : legalizing cannabis.
The ECI Weed like to talk aims at making the EU adopt a common policy on the control and regulation of cannabis production, use and sale.

Main Objectives

There is currently a heterogeneous legal map as regards cannabis policies in the EU. The question of coherence and discrimination is worth asking.
A common policy on the control and regulation of cannabis production, use and sale would: (a) ensure equality before the law and non-discrimination of all EU citizens; (b) protect consumers and monitor health security; (c) end cannabis trafficking.

Let's leap toward the legalization of cannabis and the harmonization of national legislations accross the EU.

Legal Basis

TFEU: Art.67 (police cooperation); Art.168 (health protection); Art.169 (consumer protection)
Charter of Fundamental Rights : Art.20; Art.38

Also if you are concerned about how personal information is handled:

Privacy statement: in accordance with Article 10 of Directive 95/46/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 24 October 1995 on the protection of individuals with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, the personal data provided on this form will only be made available to the competent authorities for the purpose of verification and certification of the number of valid statements of support received for this proposed citizens' initiative (see Article 8 of Regulation (EU) No 211/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 16 February 2011 on the citizens' initiative) and, if necessary, further processed for the purpose of administrative or legal proceedings relating to this proposed citizen's initiative (see Article 12 of Regulation (EU) No 211/2011). The data may not be used for any other purpose. Data subjects are entitled to obtain access to their personal data. All statements of support will be destroyed at the latest 18 months after the date of registration of the proposed citizens' initiative, or, in the case of administrative or legal proceedings, at the latest one week after the date of conclusion of the said proceedings.


Weed like to talk - info:

Map of signatures by country

General information about European Citizen's Initiative:
Homepage - European Citizens' Initiative - European Commission


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We need more action!

Please promote this initiative. (friends, your local marijuana related sites, etc.)
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