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Ever gotten to that point where burning just makes you paranoid?


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�� I got hit with extreme anxiety and major depression disorder in the 9th grade. I played the trumpet first chair, had to quit playing in front of people and ended up quiting in 11th grade cause of being so paranoid��. Started smoking and growing well made me feel a little better so then feeling better I joined the military and it took about 2 years before I was a wreck again. I'm about 50 now and still have extreme instances with paranoia but smoking mmj helps me so much more than the meds they try keeping me on (benzo's). Marijuana is mother natures gift to me ��. Hope this isn't to much of a post..have fun tks
I am really happy that smoking is working out for you !!.. I used to also smoke 5-6 joint a day when I was college, then I had a badtrip with shrooms then it seemed that all my worries, meaningless problems came on the surface. I was a mess for a year trying to re-discover and cure myself internally. Then, I went to army for mandatory service for a year and I had a lot of time to think while staying sober. What I realized from this experience is that, the things that I was getting paranoid, stressed or worried abt were the results of my choice in life. I had apparent problems but I chose to stick with them instead of dealing with them. Today, I still get little bit paranoid while smoking :) but at least Ive learned to fix the issues instead of keeping/hiding them in my subconscious. I am sorry for my bad english :) but I just wanted to add a comment since I know what you meant :) I hope you all the best !!!!!
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