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Ewilan - Again! - Critical Grow Autoflower - Free Seeds!

Should I top my autoflower ?

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welcome here on another of my grows.
this journal will be dedicated to the free CRITICAL autoflower seeds I got from my order at zamnesia.com

They will be grown in:
-coco pellets for seed germination
-small 0,5L pots for seedling stage
-11L pots for mature and flowering stage
-royalmix from plagron (organic soil)
-pacha mama organic bloom fertiliser

will vary with time but will be growing and blooming in my 4X4 tent so 600w MH and then i'll see for flower maybe LED panel ( if i buy one )

strain : " CRITICAL Automatic " from zamnesia

Bred from one of the most popular and best buds around, Critical Automatic from Zamnesia Seeds is a hybrid of immense flavour and unmistakable aromas. A feminized mix of Critical x Ruderalis, she retains all of the original's splendor but delivers it in an easy to grow package. Critical Automatic goes from seed to harvest in just 9 short weeks.

Genetics: Ruderalis/Indica/Sativa
Parents: Critical x Ruderalis
Flowering Time: 9 weeks from seed to harvest
THC: Medium
CBD: Low
Yield (indoor): 350-400g/m2
Yield (outdoor): 70-80g/plant
Height Indoor: 60-80cm
Height Outdoor: 90-140cm

I think I summed everything up... so now let's have some fun in here ! :Namaste::28:​


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Day 1:
I start counting days from the day I actually do something with the seeds.
so they were directly planted into the coco pellets I pre soaked in hot water and few drops of bioroots
now they are in my seed starter with the 2 clones.
temps are always over 25°c and under 35°c



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Day 2:
seeds have cracked and one has sprouted towards the light .
they are under 2x55w neons with my clones and melon young plants.
the lights are on 24/7 and the fans blows heat away but keeps it warm and temps are perfect.
thank you from dropping by and please don't be shy !
have a seat light one and pass it on :thumb::bong::48:


the fastest one

little guy wants to be the first to be chopped down !


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got loads of space in this journal !
seats are empty choose any one you want on the first row.

I think i'll probably be chopping at week 10 1/2, just feel it already .
have you voted ? I need to know if I should torture them a bit before giving them the final cut.
I'll probably top 2 out of 5 anyway just for comparison.

nice having you for the ride


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thanks for the welcome man your also welcome over in my j bro put up a link to your journal on my page .

hmmm to top or not to top ,i think i would top a couple and leave a couple like you said just for some variety.

so far so good man


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Week 1 from seed:

I have repoted all my clones 3 days ago since roots have started going out of the coco coir.
and since I received my LED panels this afternoon , I moved them in the 4x4 tent.
It is equiped with 2x 192w panels in veg mode and when I'll flower the autos I'll go full veg+bloom wich
will be a total of approx 300w, on 1 panel.

more pictures to come


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thanks, I am actually happy about my LED panels the tent isn't to hot anymore and I only turn on my extractor at night cycle when the tent is closed.
i save on electric + i don't have to hear that extractor noise all day long :slide:


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just droping by quickly it's 5:23 AM where I am and I got bored so I made a small vid.
I'll head to the grow shop tomorrow and repot the autoflowers into there new pots.
I'll upload pics on the same occasion.

may all of you have a nice weedkend

speedy chile and critical auto - YouTube


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week 2 day 5 :
Where is everyone ???? :hmmmm:
anyways I finally got time to head out to the grow shop and bought new pots and soil.
there is a change of plans and the critical auto will be flowering in 6L pots due to lack of space with all-light mix from biobizz.
I topped 2 plants and left 3 unharmed
:thanks:for dropping by and peace to all​


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Week 5:
plants have stopped growing and are in full bloom since last week.
the topped autoflowers produce more then the untopped one.
when I started this journal we had 5 autoflower seeds , at the end 1 isn't an autoflower and is set appart to grow till a decent plant and will be set to flower later on.
i'm not expecting much of a harvest with this grow it is more like an experiment.
I think if you are looking for a quick harvest between 2 grows and all your tents are full this is a good answer to that dilema, other wise I would rather use my 2x2 tent to grow a mother plant set all my clones in my 4x4 tent and grow them 3 weeks after rooting then flip to flower in small pots to make a nice SOG.

here are some pictures :) :Namaste:


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Week 7 + 4 days:
harvested 3 of the autoflowers
the topped plants produced more buds, but the untopped one made a nice top cola.
conclusion to now of this harvest, I know I haven't put the most effort in these autoflowers and the harvest aint Huge, but at least I can answer one question .


here are some pics :​
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