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Ex-Cop Faces Marijuana Charges

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
A former longtime city cop is facing drug charges after more than a dozen marijuana plants were found in his East Kildonan home.

Bill VanderGraaf, a former staff sergeant in the major crimes unit, was arrested April 25 and released on a promise to appear.

VanderGraaf, 56, has been charged with production and possession of marijuana.

Reached at his home, VanderGraaf said the marijuana was for personal use, not for sale.

"It's a personal health issue, that's all," he said. "I'm a little reluctant to say any more. I'm just sorry to find myself in this position."

A source said officers with the city police "green team" found between 14 and 20 marijuana plants in the basement of VanderGraaf's house.

A police service spokeswoman could not comment on the charges late yesterday afternoon.

VanderGraaf, whose long career included time in the homicide and robbery division, retired from the police service in 2001 to become an investigator with Manitoba Public Insurance. He has since left that position.

VanderGraaf returned to the police limelight last summer as a witness at the James Driskell inquiry. VanderGraaf was the lead investigator in the 1990 murder of Perry Harder, the man Driskell was wrongfully convicted of killing.

VanderGraaf made his first court appearance on Tuesday. He will return to court Aug. 7.


VanderGraaf said the drugs were only for personal use.

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New Member
He need to sentance him.
Because he have arresting a pot smoker before, now I know we all even with him.
See how his feeling and taught him a lesson to stop busting us and now we even.
Yes he is a crook cop and and I don,t like any cops stealing our belong where he,s not belong to him.
That pathatics.
Man I can,t stand him.
Get rid of him throw the key away!

Keith Lake

420 Emeritus
420 Staff
Man I can,t stand him.
Get rid of him throw the key away!

I think no one should be hassled for pot.

Live and let live!

It's unfortunate that his past life involved persecuting us harmless weeders, but we should encourage all cops to see the light and start growing their own.

It would be a far better America if they all would


New Member
perhaps this could shed new light on cannabis and it use medically. maybe they'll listen if "one of their own" tell them how its beneficial, they'll start to make changes; or perhaps im lookin at this the wrong way...peace :peace:

Jim Finnel

Fallen Cannabis Warrior & Ex News Moderator
/\ cops are great about seeing the error of their ways and evolving themselves. thats whats so endearing about them.
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