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Ex-N.M. Governor Gary Johnson Announces For President

Jim Finnel

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Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson said today he is running for president in 2012.

Johnson, a Republican who was governor from 1995 to 2003, made his announcement on the steps of the State House in Concord, N.H. On Twitter a short while ago, his staff tweeted for him:

First time to say it. "I am running for president."

Johnson has libertarian views and is perhaps best known for his efforts to legalize marijuana and for cutting New Mexico's budget and taxes. He's been traveling to early presidential contest states such as Iowa and New Hampshire talking about the nation's debt and U.S. involvement in Afghanistan and Libya.

Johnson now runs Our American Initiative, a political organization seeks to "enlighten the population about civil liberties, free enterprise, limited government, and traditional American values."

He is not well-known outside of his home state. Among Republicans, former governors Mitt Romney of Massachusetts and Tim Pawlenty of Minnesota have announced their presidential exploratory committees for 2012.

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New Member
He's sure closer to my views than the other two parties.


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LOL... now you know everyone loves the pres... so I doubt this guy has a chance. However since I did not vote for the guy who is in office now... this guy does look promissing. Heck... I would settle for a guy or gal who would leave the states alone and tell the DEA to go after meth instead of MMJ. But again we know why they do it... mmj is a soft target and easier to take down than gun toating meth freaks.


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First with different people running it causes them to debate about things that they would rather not talk about. It shows them where that couple of percent they need to get elected is. Since nether party is actually starting at 0 their cronies will vote for them regardless.
All prohibition is bad what do you think people who do meth say? The illegality brings the guns they have to protect themselves there is no other protection. :peace:


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I use to feel I would stand on the street with huge signs supporting Gary Johnson if he were to run for president but I just cant bring myself to support a republican, or a demicrat for that matter, I have no trust for either party, they all lie to get the vote than drive it home, im gonna keep my fingers crossed for the day all of America wakes up and decides they have had enough of being screwed by the government and demands or forces change, that is really all that is left.


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Yes both parties are habitual lier's that's why we need to get behind someone with libertarian Ideals not what we have now. They slant to a world view and don't care about America.
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