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Ex-painter Sent To Gallows For Cannabis

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PENANG: Former painter Chuah Kok Eng was sentenced to death by a High Court for trafficking 271.9g of cannabis.

Chuah, 47, was seen shaking his head when the court interpreter explained the death sentence to him.

He then turned around towards the public gallery where his wife Ong Lean Ean was seated and shook his head as though he was in a state of disbelief.

When Ong signalled to Chuah that she did not understand what he was trying to tell her, Chuah then put his hand around his neck indicating that he would be hung.

Later, when Chuah was led out of the courtroom, Ong came out sobbing.

Chuah was found guilty at the end of the defence case of committing the offence at a house in Jalan Jelutong at 12.45am on Nov 3, 2001.

In passing judgment, Justice Abdul Rahim Uda said the defence had failed to raise a reasonable doubt in the case.

The court also impeached Ong's evidence due to material contradictions in her testimony.

During trial, prosecution witnesses had testified that Chuah was seen throwing a plastic packet containing the drugs out of a window in a room at his house.

Source: Star, The (Malaysia)
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Does anybody else find this completely ridiculous?

Makes you think about how terrible other countries laws are compared to the US "war on drugs". You think that's bad, just look at stuff like this.

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Check this out. Life for 4 kilos, and she was innocent. Do NOT get caught with drugs in Asia!!!

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