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Ex-Sponsor Problems - Hydro-Grow LED

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Keith Lake

420 Emeritus
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The staff of 420 Magazine wishes to advise its members and readers that we are again having trouble with Cammie McKenzie (formerly of Hydro-Grow LED and currently believed associated with Magnum LED)

Cammie and/or her associates are again posting falsehoods and innuendo around the net and while our preference is to handle these issues in private we will defend ourselves in public when necessary.

1) 420 Magazine, its owner(s), and staff are not anti-transgendered and honestly don't care about anyone's straight or LGBT status. The fact that some of us are being accused of bigotry toward the LGBT community is nothing more than a smear job without foundation, developed to ruin our reputation. Cammie was once a sponsor in good standing here, and this was reportedly during a very personal period in her life, where personal rumors and attacks were rampant. I personally scrubbed the site on more than one occasion to moderate for this injustice. We've had many LGBT people on our staff for years whom we love dearly; this is just pure nonsense.

2) The lights Cammie sold were of high quality. This was empirically true as evidenced by the awesome demonstration & competition thread put together by my old friend (Setting Sun). If you haven't seen this competition (which Cammie won), it's worth a read. Haight Solid State vs. H.G.LED

3) Cammie was banned and her Sponsorship terminated because she wouldn't stop disrupting the forum, arguing our policies in public, viscously attacked members, and in at least one instance threatened to call the Sheriff on a grower in an illegal state, over a disagreement about a returned good, unless he sent her $600. Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware) Hydro-Grow LED. Any sponsor that threatens and/or attempts to blackmail members, doesn't practice fair trade, or otherwise acts disreputably is banned as a sponsor.

4) I personally spent hundreds of hours (not an exaggeration) scrubbing the site of problems, dealing with advisories to members that resulted from her abrasive nature, and working with Cammie trying to convince her to follow our rules. The ultimate ban and sponsorship termination only came after repeated warnings and our inability to affect a change in behavior. There was quite a bit of illogic in the discussions.

5) Some of her accusations are so far out there that I hesitate to even bother refuting them. For example no one from 420 Magazine ever said she abandoned her children or that she is running from the FBI.

420 Magazine, and I personally, wish Cammie the best of success in life and business but we would greatly appreciate it if she would just leave us alone. We simply do not want her name or her company's name being posted on our website anymore, because it always results in more drama and negative energy to clean up.

We've posted this message for the personal information of our members and we respectfully request that it not be reposted elsewhere or discussed further on our boards.
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