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Exceptionally High FECO Yields


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I have found it best to get most of the moisture out of the buds on day 1 and 2 of drying and then slow it down from there. Controlling airflow is one way of doing it. I use a fan at different speeds and direction to dry mine, since mother nature controls the RH.

If they're wet then leave the lid off and get some light airflow on them for now.


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If it helps, I can give some subjective clues, too.

My drying space typically runs in the mid-40s RH, like yours, and mine are ready to jar in 4-5 days. I hang them on a string, and I'll check them the 3rd day. The smaller stems will have dried enough to kink when you bend them - not a snap but a kink. The larger branches will still bend at that point. And they'll feel cool to the touch.

By the 4-5th day the small stems will snap and the larger ones will kink and the stems won't feel cool anymore. At that point I'll strip the buds off and jar them. Once they hit the jars, the moisture evens out. The smaller nugs will be crispy on the outside when you jar them, but there's enough moisture in the stems of the larger nugs that it all gets distributed around.

I've always used Boveda 62s, so that makes everything easy after you get the initial moisture out. If you think the produce might be too dry or too moist, the Bovedas will add or subtract it. I'll tuck more than one into a jar when I seal it, otherwise one packet is perfect. At a buck each, it's cheap insurance and peace of mind.

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