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Exciting new cheap hydroponic nutes from Bunnings

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I finally decided to post because im just super excited to see some proper liquid hydroponic fertz at bunnings. I spoke to en emplyee there and she said that they had only arrived a few days ago and had just been rolled out in victoria. The company (manutec) has been around for decades and they have been stocking the usual outdoor stuff at bunnings for bloody years. but this new stuff looks impressive. They have veg nuits, bloom boosters, pk enhancers and my fave an organic all rounder with trace elements. ( no need for calimag, gogreen, monstabud or epsoms anymore) cause this stuff is super cheap. Im talking like $12 a litre and its pretty darn concentrated.
Heres the link to the bunnings manutec page.
Manutec Garden Care Products
Im not using these nuits yet cause ive still got tons of my old stuff left. So im interested to see results from others.
Currently im using
GH -Maxigrow - 11cents per gallon
Ozi magic - MonstaGrow ( yeah you all know monstabud, well this is the veg version with less K.) Partially orgainic all rounder.
Cyco - zymes ( zymes cause i recycle coco)
Cyco - ryzofuel ( gotta have good roots)

GH- Maxibloom
Ozimagic - Monstabud
Cyco - zymes
Cyco- ryzofuel

GH- maxibloom
Ozimagic -ozi tonic+
Professors - extreme boost

I reckon the bunnings stuff can replicate most of this cheaper with similar npk values.


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Interesting... Have to have a peek...
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