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Exciting new cheap hydroponic nutes from Bunnings


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Hey mate. I don't think OP visits this site anymore.

I think he meant these liquid ones. There's 4 different ones. I've used them. They seemed ok in coco but I don't like them for DWC. I was getting huge pH swings and slimy snotty shit on the roots. I've started using Professors nutes and they are heaps better in DWC.

I'm still using up what I have left of them on my plants in coco. I won't buy them again though
I'm still here every now and then old mate, don't write me off just yet. Totally agree with your results


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Lol. I wasn't writing you off mate. I mean't @Metal Halide who started the thread

You went for the Flairform nutes if I remember from another thread yeah? You rate them then?
Sure did, I'm really happy with them well worth the investment. They produce Hydroworld (my local shop) as well so I use a blend. 9 products in all including cannazyme, had great results, will be interesting this summer as I try them out in the "vege patch"
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