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This is the card I carry in my wallet, provided by SafeAccessNow.org. I hope this will be helpful.

Medical Marijuana Patients, Be smart! Many arrest for cannabis possessions are due to traffic violations and noise complaints.
*Travel safety: Do not smoke and drive. If you travel with cannabis, make sure your vehicle is up to code and cannabis is concealed, preferable in your trunk. (I have heard cops say that some cars are just asking to be pulled over)

*Be a good neighbor: Loud music and domestic disputes can lead law enforcement to your home.

* Be discreet
: Try not to smoke where others can see you and never
leave cannabis items in plain view. (put that stash away!!)

Search Warrants

DO NOT let an officer into your home without a search warrant. Check the address, the date (reasonably recent), and a judge's signature.

If law enforcement knocks on your door, step outside and close the door behind you while you find out why they are there. Don't leave the door open.

If they do enter your home with or without a search warrant say "I do not consent to a search".

There are three levels of police interactions and safe ways to handle each encounter:

Casual conversation- Ask if you are being detained. If not, walk away.

Detention - If you are being detained, ask why! Make them cite the law (and remember what they say!)

Arrest- say I choose to remain silent and I want to see a lawyer". Remember to remain silent.

Do not consent to a search- If the cops say: Do you mind if we look in your purse, bag, home, or car? You say "I do not consent to a search."

When cops say: "Why not? Are you hiding something?". You say: I believe in my Constitutional right to privacy, and I do not consent to a search.:

Note: This probably will not stop an officer from searching you, but it can help get any evidence thrown out in court.

Peace and happy trails:60:


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Very nice thread and advice!

Remember, they are trained to get you to say things you dont mean. DO NOT try to talk your way out of anything, you're just helping them screw you over. Just shut up and wait to be booked.

+rep for the advice Kitty, very helpful indeed :)

Happy Kitty

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Peace and happiness


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This is the card I carry in my wallet, provided by SafeAccessNow.org. I hope this will be helpful.

I've carried this card for 3 years now. I have one in my wallet, my briefcase, and my car's glove compartment. I don't leave home without it. I would highly recommend that you all do then same. :peace: :3:

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I can't remember if I got that at the OCBC. What about you?

BTW, glad you're back!!


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Good morning Ms Kitty. Got mine at Berkeley.. on San Pablo.. BPG. They always have helpful printouts available to patients. :3: :peace:
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