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Exodus Cheese

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Posted a similar review in another area. Thought it might be better here. Exodus Cheese was my choice for a 45 minute MRI. The pure fact that its uplifting high can change your moods and outlook on life. That in itself gives it 2 thumbs up. The fact that it kept my mind busy while I was stuck in a uncomfortable position in a loud obnoxious environment was the big winner.

Exodus Cheese may not be one of the strongest strains out there. It sure makes the list for effect though. I can not say enough for a strain that can improve your quality of life.


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I thought this was an awesome strain, grew it for a couple of years, very dank and stinky. Just beautiful before harvest, but I've since moved on to some others for variety's sake.


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I also grew this strain for a few years. I grew it together in my tent with Big Bang plants, all seeds came from Vancouver seed bank.
I've been thinking of getting more exodus cheese seeds because this strain in particular really helped my CRPS pain.