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Expecting a cold snap need help

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I'm expecting it to be in the low 50s in the next week these pictures were taken about a week ago.
Should I bring it right in the door in the living room next to the kitchen?[B/]
Of course it might get an couple of hours until everyone in the house turns it off later than the sun sets. I'm just worried about frost, or should I be more worried about bringing it in and the kitchen light messing up the light cycle?

I will take some up to date pictures with better ones of the lower budding areas
Don't stress on temps in the 50s unless your microclimate tends to be massively colder than the norm for your area. I get some icing when the rest of my town does not, so I watch out for frost when I see 40F on the weather forecast.

Besides possibly picking up some purple color, your plant could benefit from the cold. Weather and seasons give many plants the ques they need to finish properly. Many of my grows benefit of a week+ of light restriction to ripen properly. So that is a thought if you are close to harvest anyways- possibly put it in the garage to finish off.